Career Planning over the decades


The very understanding of the term ‘career planning’ has been associated with pre-planning, steadfastness to promising opportunities and grabbing up opportunities at hand. The variable of human interest has been missing from the equation until the past decade, when a start-up storm started brewing up. This evolution also signifies that the stigma of having sketched […]

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“There is zero competition in the exact Vision and Domain where we are directing ourselves to.”


This is what Sugam, the founder of the startup has to say about his Wedel. Wedel is a year old company which is bootstrapped as of now. It is under the aegis of a group company, which is more than 4 decades old with over 100 branches spread across the country and specializes in Full […]

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Manisha Raisinghani: Co-Founder LogiNext in an exclusive Interview with JobsIIT


“We are a team of creative, technology loving people that works, eats and plays together, with a lot of groupies (photos)” LogiNext funded by Indian Angel Network is a technology based startup, providing real- time visibility and optimization solutions to logistics companies. This is what we all know about LogiNext, but to know the details […]

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Easy Steps to Analyse Competition and Your Position on a Job using HireTale


On the “Applied Jobs” page, just click on the “View” under “Statistics” column. It is at the right most of the job you have applied to. This will open a window which can be toggled between “Applied” and “Competition”. The pi-charts-help you get a detailed analysis of various other competitors for the job and lets […]

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Straight from the Founder & CEO : Busigence Technologies


“Today’s world is drowning in data and starving for insights. Our digital lives have created an overwhelming flood of information. In the last 5 years data scientists have come to the rescue by trying to make sense of it all.  The sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians, and I’m not kidding.” – […]

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