How to make your resume ATS proof?


ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System in recruitment terminology. It is a software that helps the recruiters in the process of recruitment from sourcing to onboarding the candidates. Applicant Tracking Software makes the recruitment process fast and straightforward for the recruiters by maintaining the candidate database, candidate filtering according to job requirements based on their […]

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Appropriate Body Language- Because Everyone notice Everything


  Reading body language is about listening to what people don’t say. It’s a non-verbal form of communication. Every day we come across so many situations like we meet new people, we try to renew our relations with old ones, or maintaining the ones working just fine. For some of us, it is an easy […]

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How is technology customizing human resource management?


Technology has changed the world of business multiple times. In this age of information, the advent of the computer and the internet have increased this impact significantly. There exist many businesses which cannot function without the use of computer technology. This impact is seen in all departments of an organization, including Human Resources, where technology […]

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