Interesting Facts About Top Engineering Colleges

Poornima Nit BhopalWe all remember our alma mater with years of pleasant memories attached to the friends, faculty and institution. Surprisingly, not many of us are aware of the trivia that separates our college from the crowd.

We, at HireTale, set out to identify these trivia of the top engineering colleges in India – IITs/NITs/BITs etc. & found out some interesting facts. Enjoy reading rest of the article and let us know if we missed something on your college – we are pretty sure there must be more interesting facts than we could discover.

1.    BITS Pilani

Can you start a new school/college just to teach your kids or grand kids for that matter?
Apparently, Birlas did. 
Founded as a patshala by Shiv Narainji Birla to educate his grandsons, the college has grown to such an extent that it is touted as the Indian MIT. Its acceptance rate is less than 2.94%, making it India’s most selective university.

The college holds the distinction of being the first Indian educational institution to establish a campus abroad and having the world`s largest ACM chapter.

 2.    IIT Kanpur

Can you imagine a helicopter ferry service in an Indian college?
If it’s IITK then you should.
IITK is the first academic institution in the country to provide a helicopter ferry service connecting IIT Kanpur to Lucknow and is aimed at improving its geographical connectivity with universities/companies around the globe.
IITK is also the first institute in India to offer Computer Science education – arguably the best institute for computer science graduates in India today.

3.    IIT Roorkee

Award of “the most no. of firsts & bests” goes to IITR for being first in so many areas that we almost forgot the count and decided to publish only few.
The oldest Engineering College in Asia
– established in 1847 by the East India Company – had such a reputation during earlier days that every student was guaranteed a post in the Public Works Division.
IITR’s Civil Engineering department is the oldest engineering department in India. Also, The Electrical Engineering department (established in 1897) is one of the earliest such specializations in the world!!

4.    IIT Powai (Mumbai)

Can geeks be the best in cultural/festival activities too?
Apparently, IITBians are the most multi-talented lot in Asia.
Both annual cultural festival (Mood Indigo) and Science & Technology festival Techfest of IITB are the largest of their kinds in Asia.
Established in 1958 with Soviet assistance, it is the only IIT which derives its name from the lake and not from the city it is located in!!

5.    IIT Kharagpur

Can an Indian engineering college be larger than three times the area of Vatican City and Monaco put together?

Answer is yes – IIT KGP with a huge area of 2,100 acres !!!

The first of the IITs – IIT KGP boasts of the most departments and the highest student enrolment among all IITs.

6.    IISc Bangalore

What is the link between Swami Vivekananda, Jamsetji Tata, C.V. Raman & Maharaja of Mysore?
Yes, you guessed it right – it is IISc Bangalore boasting its rich cultural heritage.
Tata wrote to Vivekananda after an accidental meeting on a ship in 1893 “I very much recall at this moment your views on the growth of the ascetic spirit in India… in connection with my scheme of Research Institute of Science for India ….” and that marked the birth of IISc – with full endorsement from Swami Vivekananda, donation of ~400 acres of land from Maharaja of Mysore and Nobel Laureate Sir C.V. Raman being the first Indian Director!!
IISc is the first Indian college to introduce Masters Programs in engineering and the only Indian university ranked in the top 500 by the Academic Ranking of World Universities’11 – arguably the best research institute in India.

7.    IIT Delhi

IITD was born with the assistance from UK (After IIT Kharagpur, Institutes of Technology at Bombay, Madras, Kanpur and Delhi were built to cover the entire geography of India with collaborations and help from 4 friendly nations – USSR, West Germany, USA and UK respectively). Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh in 1959 laid the foundation stone of IIT Delhi.

8.  IIT (BHU) Varanasi

Can you imagine Mahatma Gandhi coming to your convocation ceremony and calling it a pilgrimage?
BHU alumni of class 1942 had this pleasure!!
Entirely founded by donations collected from town-to-town, BHU has now grown to claim the largest alumni association among all the IITs. BHU also holds the distinction of having its alumnus holding the second highest office in India – Mr. Krishan Kant held the office of “Vice-President of India” from 1997-2002.

9.    IIT Madras

Literally a gift from the Republic of Germany to India, IITM was the largest educational project sponsored by the West German Government outside their country.
IITM boasts of the fastest super computing facility amongst all educational institutions in India and the first ISO 9001:2000 certified student festival in the world (Shaastra – annual technical festival of IIT Madras)

10. IIT Guwahati

If you have to visit some holiday destination to relax from your hectic schedule, which campus in India would you choose?
It has to be IITG undoubtedly.
The most beautiful and scenic academic campus in the country. Sprawled on the banks of majestic Brahmaputra, the campus hosts several hills and lakes. If you ask their alumni, IITG is a place to visit at least once in your lifetime.

11. NIT Warangal

The first of all NITs, NITW is known as the mother of all NITs. Such is the excellence in computer science that many students opt for Computer Science course in NITW over non-comp branches in IITs!!!
The college recently became a partner institute of the HERITAGE Programme – 29 of the 99 members selected for pursuing their studies or research abroad for 2013-14 are from NITW.

12. NIT Allahabad

“An engineering college which has beaten all the IITs in placement”. “A hidden dragon” – That is how NITA got recognized post 2011-12.
NITA holds the record of highest package for any technical student in India during academic session 2011–12 and second highest in India so far (INR 1.34 Crores by Facebook)!!
(Highest package record goes to INR 1.7 Crores offered by Facebook to an IIT Madras student during the 2010–11 session)

The college has the distinction of being first in the country to start an undergraduate program (B.Tech) in Computer Science & Engineering in 1976-77.

Author: Poornima Trivedi – is Senior Research Engineer with Centre for Development of Telematics, Telecom R&D of Govt. of India. She has 6+ years of vast experience in Java and Web Programming.


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