Why engineers need to write and blog


What use is a baby? Nothing. What is the biggest constraint a baby throws? Inability to communicate. To understand the baby, you have to see the baby, be with it.

Now, imagine yourself as an engineer, nothing less than a rocket scientist. But unable to communicate. Poor grammar and jargon-riddled writing are rampant. We’re great at inventing terms — the instruction manual for my toaster refers to the lever that pops up the toast as the ‘Extra-Lift Carriage Control Lever’ — but poor at communicating what we actually mean.

Not able to express your thoughts like a pro? Its time you start writing a blog. From getting recommendations to cover-letters, from Stanford to Young India Fellowships, you need to write and communicate through essays. The piece of writing can be your ticket to Stanford or Yale. With increasing number of aspirants every year, the filtering process depends heavily on how well you convince them through your writing that you stand out-of-box.

Why you should blog

Not everyone is writing: Not everyone gets into IITs. Without that tag on the back of your T-shirt, you need to create your own value. A value you can sell to recruiters, a value you can advertise to universities and professors. Since not everyone is writing, this is what going to set you on a different platform than your counterparts. A tad unique.

  • The admission into that Management Mecca: Be it IIMs or London School of Business, you will have to run your pen like a pro to book a seat there. Showing some of your works is going to create a greater impact than simply expressing your love for writing.
  • The Masters and Fellowships: Like pointed earlier, be it Harvard, Stanford, Yale or Oxford, your SoP (Statement of Purpose) and essay is going to make sure you will sail or sink. Universities treat SOP very seriously and they read your SOP. It is very important you write a good Statement of purpose interweaving your goals, your achievements, how will you achieve your goals and what do you really want to accomplish in life, etc.  SOP gives the admission committee to judge your goals and make sure they are in line with the schools’ ethics, capabilities, and standards and provide you all the support to let you reach your goal.  Statement of purpose gives the admission committee to judge your perspective of life, your career aspirations, your ethics, your technical aptitude, your vision for life, etc.

So is the case with Fellowships, you need to explain them in essays why do you want to join it and what extra will you bring to it. Simple as these questions seems, there are thousands of people Wednesday, April 16, 2014 answering it with each one trying to stand out from the crowd. Without a lack of practice, you can rest assured of not being bothered by the Fellowship managers.

  • Technical Writing and Creative Writing: Technical Writing is one highly specialized field with need of engineers. Generally people from non-engineering background are used as Technical writers due to less number of engineers opting Technical Writing as a career option. With increase in magazines and more and more articles needed, writing is one skill to have. Remember, the days of IIT-JEE preparation, books like Physics by H C Verma became bible because of its writing and ability to communicate with the students.

Engineering is one field, in which boys are assumed to be losing the race when it comes to getting and attracting girls by approaching (once you get that fat salary package, it anyways becomes a level field). Each one of us, have felt sometimes in our life, I wish I could write like a pro (or the same way, I wish I could play guitar).

Still not sure about, where to start, keep following HireTale Blog because very soon, we are starting with a blogging competition for engineers. In our coming articles, we will also be discussing how to use Blogs to make money and getting famous.



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