Employees Wasting Time at Work

According to a recent survey, one of the biggest culprits is Internet Surfing. Because of this every hour wasted has a direct negative impact on the bottom line of the industry.

wasting time at work

Employees are involved into many activities that waste time at work. Peer politics, internet browsing, daily meetings, and fixing bugs are a few. A majority of employees regularly spend time talking with co-workers unrelated to work. The survey also revealed which websites are the most conducive to slacking off. Not surprisingly, socializing on Facebook occupied 41%, while 37% use LinkedIn, and 25% are shopping at Amazon. Other destinations include Yahoo and Google+ and to a lesser extent Twitter and Pinterest.

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Yes, 25% of government workers waste the maximum hours at work — the highest in the survey. One person’s “waste of time” might be another’s productivity booster–says the 60% of people who think spending time on non work-related tasks during work hours actually improves productivity. On the flip side, the industry that wastes the least time is Healthcare, with 16% of workers claiming they never waste time on the job.

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