10 Reasons why you are still unemployed

“Why am I still unemployed?”

This desolate question has frustrated many of the finest minds out there. We’d like to give a few brief reasons, you’re still unemployed.

1. You aren’t networking enough.

Almost all jobs these days are found either through networking or through job-marketplace like us. If you are searching the internet, counting on consultants or responding to each of the job banners out there…you’re not doing enough. When it comes to finding a job, network extensively and trust only the established players.  And, as said, your resume is almost useless.

2. You interview poorly.

We have interviewed hundreds of people, and get surprised and shocked at how poorly people interview. Chewing gum, not dressing for the interview, arguing, and saying what you will and won’t do are all interview killers.

3. You’re pierced or did not shave

Take out those facial piercings! Younger generation workers — this really turns off. They won’t hire someone with a facial piercing or visible tattoo. It is unprofessional.
No matter how many times your girlfriend says, you look sexy in stubble, Don’t go in with one of those “stubble beards.” Either actually have a beard or be clean-shaven. The people who are probably making the hiring decision really, really hate the three day stubble beards that are the norm among younger men.

4. You’re very overqualified.

Realistically, they are not going to hire someone with 10+ years of experience with a great deal of responsibility in their last job for an entry-level job. Entry-level jobs will be filled by entry-level people. All you do when you apply for these things is annoy the employer. You might be desperate. But it is better to consult or start your own business, than to apply for entry-level jobs. They know that you’ll be gone in a heartbeat if something in your field comes along. They also are going to take you as non-coachable and generally to be a pain in the neck.

5. You smoke.

Many of us won’t hire smokers. The smell on their clothes drives off customers. They get sick more often. They take excessive breaks. And, frankly, it’s a filthy and disgusting habit. Quit and quit now. Your career future, not to mention your life and your health, may depend on it.

6. Your attitude stinks or you are depressed and angry.

You might be coming across as having an arrogant or generally bad attitude. If someone is not upbeat and positive, they will rapidly end the interview..

Your anger is not hurting the “jerks” who fired you or laid you off or did not shortlist you in spite of the fact that you were great in your last interview. It is, however, killing you physically and killing your career. Get over it. Realistically, if you were fired, you most likely deserved it. If you were laid off, it was nothing personal…just a business decision. And if you were great once, you can be once again. Deal with your anger before interviewing.

7. You didn’t follow the directions in the posting.

Do what you’re asked to do in the job posting or by the hiring authority. If they along with the resume, ask you to tell, why you would like to work with them, you are gonna give it to them. If you’re not going to do what your potential boss asks you to, you’re not going to do what he or she asks you to when you’re employed, now, are you?

8. Ya yack too much or can’t communicate

More extroverts talk themselves out of jobs than into them. Shut the blank up, for crying out loud!

On the other side, don’t make the interviewer crowbar information out of you. If you can’t communicate well, you won’t get employed.

9. You’re evasive.

If you’re asked a question, answer it. Don’t beat around the bush, and don’t give stupid canned answers. A clear example of this is the number of people who say, when asked about a weakness, “I guess I’m just too much of a self-motivated, self-starter who is too hard on himself.” Stupid answer.

10. You’re unprepared.

Lets be very clear, If you go up against one of the highly prepared candidates, you’re going to lose and lose big. Don’t be cheap! While some people are long-term unemployed for no reason, we can usually see a reason when someone can’t seem to find a job.

Those who have a great attitude and have been able to overcome depression, anger and unrealistic expectations, will usually land in a hurry. Good luck!



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