INTERVIEW mystery revealed… Dare to miss?!

Achchhe din are here… Economy is going leaps and bounds, jobs are falling off job trees, dropping jobs like Newton’s apple on your head, you don’t really need to try too hard during job interviews anymore.

Just kidding, it’s all lies! Jobs are still hard to find and the economy pretty much still the same! If you’re able to get an interview, you better study hard and be prepared for anything.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? They’ll ask – well, what are they? Are you going to go classical, and spin off an old weakness you’ve overcome? Or be honest and say you may not be the best at something, but you’re willing to learn? Are you going to sell yourself as the very best candidate?




HireTale is a technology start-up disrupting the whole recruitment eco-system. We differentiate ourselves in using technology-enabled innovative ideas in connecting recruiters & job aspirants. Register at to apply for top-notch jobs in India. Feel free to write to us at for any suggestions/feedback.

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