Interview with Aravind who made it to Tech R Labs

On September 23rd 2014, I was reading the posts of people who got employed in IT giants. I also wanted to write a post. By October 6, 2014,  I was at the right place.

Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? In a duration of just 7 days, Aravind bagged his dream job through HireTale. Of course, he had to prepare for it, but we are talking about the time consumed in between – him applying and him ending with the Tech R Labs.

Aravind is just a next-door boy from Ooty. He did his engineering from  “Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Engineering, Coimbatore”. In an exclusive interview with HireTale, Aravind talks about his journey to Tech R Labs.

1) How would you introduce yourself to our followers?10425023_1011257865567548_7671031205121192126_n
Hello Folks, I am Aravind Umasankar. My designation is Full Stack Developer @ Tech R Labs.  Yep… Proud to be a Full Stack developer. I am currently working on.. Sorry guys its a violation of the company’s privacy policy for me to share. Let’s just say that I am a part of one of the most wanted projects in Eurasia.

2) Is this your first job?


3) What was your area of interest?  Do you find Tech R Labs as per your interest?

I always wanted to be an Open Source contributor.

Yeah !! Tech R is not a company with 4×4 cabins.  My company provides me all the latest high-end software and hardware.  Most Importantly, as a developer, you can’t blame the infrastructure for incomplete or delayed tasks :) 😉

Office space image from Tech R Labs Google+ page :

4) Can you explain the entire selection process to us? How long it took to be over with after you applied?

Of course, Basic Aptitude is a part of the corporate Interviews. My coding standard was tested. Even 1kb of memory matters for a developer. Beyond these, my Attitude was directly proportional to the probability of getting selected.

It all got over in just a week.

5) What kinds of questions were asked in the interview? Can you provide some examples?

It was just like a conversation. My CEO knows the skills of making the right judgments.

It was like:

— They asked me to write a script for splitting a string as Google search does.

— PHP arrays

— Optimized C code to determine the area of a circle. But one should achieve this by writing the minimum amount of code.

6) How did you prepare for it? Was it tough?

I referred neither  “Yashwant Kanetkar’s Let Us C” nor “Rasmus Lerdorf’s PHP manual”. But Ultimately I want to convey that I have always been interested in Opensource technologies and that paid off well here.

7) If one wants to get into tech R Labs, what and how should one prepare?

The candidates should have deep knowledge about their academic project(s). They must specify their role in the project. These aspects are critical in judging a candidate’s capability and adaptability to be a part of a team.

8) Anything that you would like to share with our followers. Any advice, any experience of yours?

On September 23rd, 2014, I was reading out the posts of people, who got employed in IT giants. I also wanted to write a post. By October 6, 2014,  I was in the right place. Thank You HireTale.


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