Grabhouse’s Success Story

Working in a top MNC, how badly you missed that feeling of an ownership, as if it was your own company, working in a top startup, how badly you wished that your startup had always remained a startup, with those caffeinated days and crazy night-outs

“Voted by the Grabhouse gang as the world’s most incredible place to work, we are building a never-heard-before company culture which is nothing less than awesome. The positive work environment and the push each gang member gets from one another will surely put you among the stars.”


This is how Grabhouse answers the questions “Why work with Grabhouse”.

But HireTale decided to grub the grass of Grabhouse a bit and hence we had a conversation with Munjal Dhamecha, CTO at Grabhouse.

HireTale: Why don’t we start with Grabhouse, what is it ?
Munjal: Grabhouse is a two-year old startup working towards bringing owners and seekers on a single platform to ensure transparency and broker-free transactions. We believe that unmasking today’s rental real estate market is the need of the hour and we aspire to achieve the same through world-class technology. We like to call ourselves a tech-design company, which aims to provide single-click platform, built by the best in the industry. To achieve our goals, we have been entrusted by India’s best venture capitalist throughout our journey. Recently, we received Series-A funding from one of the world’s biggest venture capital group.

HireTale: There are other established players in this segment. How is Grabhouse different? What is the problem that you are solving and benefiting your users?
Munjal: Grabhouse is the first 100% broker-free house renting platform which is trying to eliminate the brokers from the complete experience of renting a house in a city.

Unlike other real estate website, Grabhouse is focused on providing an experience to the user by understanding their accommodation requirements and giving the best options. We focus on providing fulfillment to the end-user and making his house renting journey hassle-free. Our association with the user starts from taking his requirements, providing him options, taking feedback and giving refined options to helping him close the deal. We help our users save time, money and effort by solving the problems faced through high-end technology.

HireTale: Looking at a startup first thing that crops up in the mind is “Founder(s)”, who are they ?
Munjal: Prateek Shukla and Pankhuri Shrivastava founded grabhouse in 2013.
Prateek Shukla is an IIT Kanpur alumnus who has been passionate about starting his own company since the college days and helping multiple startups before starting Grabhouse.
Pankhuri Shrivastava has done her B.Tech from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, post which she joined Teach for India in the fellowship program for 2 years.

HireTale:  Next thing that comes to mind is “Funders”…
Munjal: Grabhouse has been entrusted by both Indian and Global venture capitalists – India Quotient, Kalaari Capital and Sequoia Capital, to change the game of house renting in real estate. :)

HireTale: Strong startup, strong reach, strong founders, strong funding… what are the skills/qualities one should strongly have to be a part of the Grabhouse gang?
Munjal: As our model is mainly based on bringing offline rental real estate market online, We want people who enjoy solving problems through technology. The candidates should have zeal for technology, be it concepts like data structures or algorithms, he/she should have a knack for finding multiple ways to do things better everyday. We are looking for people who believe every problem can be solved through technology and have the appetite to revolutionize online world. The person should have mastery over at-least one programming language but if one is excited about learning new technologies and programming skills to solve real-world problems, then we are looking for them.

HireTale: What is the approx number of candidates that you plan to hire this year.
Munjal: Approximately 60…

HireTale: Anything  you want to share that would attract candidates and give them more insight about the job? Your career page really give a kick.
Munjal: We have created a team which is best at what they do. Be it technology, marketing, design, business development or people operations, we have people joining us from the country’s best colleges. If you have got the talent and the fire inside you to do things differently, then our doors are always open irrespective of the educational or regional background.

We have a very open culture at Grabhouse:

All are CEOs: We believe in imbibing an entrepreneurial spirit in all our employees and encourage them to think as a CEO to come up with ideas to deliver the best user-experience not even known to the mankind.

More is less: Doing more is always less for us. Everyday, we find ways to improve user experience and make his/her life easier and easier.

Unveiling the unknown: We don’t believe in doing things in a traditional way and that’s why innovation is our key to success. We believe in achieving goals through uniqueness and becoming the leader instead of followers.

Passionate: Passion drives our every minute of working in the company. We believe in having a positive and optimistic attitude in the office environment to enable others to have the trust to achieve the impossible.

Super Savvy: We are super savvy in whatever we do. Be it technology, design, marketing or business development, we employ highly savvy tools and mediums to achieve excellence in all areas.

Get it done: If you have an idea, go ahead and get it done! We trust our employees to take risks, come up with ideas, execute them and measure the results. If you fail, there is always a learning for the next risk.

Always a start-up: We might go global  but we will still remain a start-up. We don’t believe in recording punch-in and punch-out timings. You come in, take risks, learn from mistakes and create newness everyday.

HireTale:  Can you share a pic of your team with us?
Munjal: Why not…

  Team Photo


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