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“A small conversation with Prafulla – Talent Acquisition, Recruitment – Adobe”

We all know Adobe. PDF: Adobe Reader, need to fix that selfie: Adobe Photoshop, Youtube videos: Adobe flash plugin… Not only it produces the most used software on the planet but getting into Adobe is a dream come true for the most. In our series, Straight from the HR, this time HireTale brings a small conversation with Prafulla, involved in recruitment for Adobe.


Open any career discussion forum like Quora etc and one of the top questions would be ” How to get into Adobe, Google, Microsoft etc… Hearing from the HR himself always seems the right way to follow..

HireTale: Hello Prafulla, tell us something about your current work with Adobe and your past experiences.
Prafulla: Currently I am working with Adobe Systems, Bangalore as Talent Scout. I am involved in end to end recruitment for R&D Teams. Earlier I was working with Zyoin Web Pvt. Ltd. (Recruitment Firm)  & there my role was Associate Talent Acquisition. I used to hire for various startups as well as for US-based MNCs.

HireTale: What would you like to tell us about Adobe?Praffula
Prafulla: Adobe is one of the best places to work and learn in India as well as in the rest of the world. It is one of the most known IT product based multi-national companies. Think of regular life in today’s digital world and Adobe will be there with its products: Adobe Reader, Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash Player & many more…

HireTale: So your team is just about to interview a candidate, what major skills, you wish this candidate should be possessing?
Prafulla: Technical knowledge is a must. Most of the times candidates have technical knowledge but not good communication skills, seemingly a smart & quick learner is always preferable.

HireTale: What is the number of candidates you are planning to hire this fiscal year – approximate numbers?
Prafulla: Approx 500-1000

HireTale: Can you tell us a little about Adobe’s strategy for the market in the coming time, so that aspirants can know where are they headed?
Prafulla: Well, recently Adobe is shifting its focus and business from packaged version to cloud version and monthly subscriptions. With the advent, usage, and popularity of cloud and mobile devices, its the necessity and way to go ahead. Adobe is among the firsts to shift to the cloud gradually and is soaring too… :)

HireTale: As a recruiter, as an interviewer, what would be your favorite question? Why?
Prafulla: One of my favorite questions is “What is your long term goal & where you want to settle?”
To this question, they (candidates) give all type of personal answers and it helps me to analyze the candidate and understand him/her.  A person can only define his long term goal clearly if he knows what he wants and how to reach there. Where one wants to settle is again a question which helps to analyze the core interest and inclination in the person’s mind and heart.

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