Manisha Raisinghani: Co-Founder LogiNext in an exclusive Interview with HireTale


“We are a team of creative, technology-loving people that works, eats and plays together, with a lot of groupies (photos)” LogiNext funded by Indian Angel Network is a technology-based startup, providing real-time visibility and optimization solutions to logistics companies. This is what we all know about LogiNext, but to know the details HireTale decided to […]

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Easy Steps to Analyse Competition and Your Position on a Job using HireTale


Note: The UI of the site has changed significantly since this post. On the “Applied Jobs” page, just click on the “View” under “Statistics” column. It is at the right most of the job you have applied to. This will open a window which can be toggled between “Applied” and “Competition”. The pi-charts-help you get […]

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