Easy Steps to Analyse Competition and Your Position on a Job using HireTale

Note: The UI of the site has changed significantly since this post.

On the “Applied Jobs” page, just click on the “View” under “Statistics” column. It is at the right most of the job you have applied to. This will open a window which can be toggled between “Applied” and “Competition”.

The pi-charts-help you get a detailed analysis of various other competitors for the job and lets you know your ranking amidst all the applicants for the job. The diagrams are self-explanatory and also give you a clear idea about your suitability for the job. The charts are classified as competition and applied.

While the competition section helps you develop an idea about competition, the applied charts help you get a better understanding of a number of job applicants for a particular job.

Competition Charts


Job Application Statistics:

Views [Blue column on the left]: It is the total number of times a job has been viewed or clicked. Views give you details about how many aspirants along with you have surfed through the job.

Applications Received [Orange column next to blue]: It is the total number of applications received for any job out of the various views for the job. For a better understanding, according to the figure, the total number of views on the job are 561 and the number of applications received is 97.

Recruiter Action [Light Brown: Third column]: It is the number of applications on which the recruiter has performed any action. For example, according to the figure, out of the 97 applications received, actions on 37 applications have been performed by the recruiter.

Shortlisted [Fourth Column]: It is the number of candidates that have been shortlisted out of the total applications on which the recruiters have performed any action. For example, according to this figure, six candidates out of the 32 candidates have been shortlisted for the job.

Rejected [Fifth column]: It is the number of applications that have been rejected by the recruiter or HireTale.

Candidates Qualification: The candidates’ qualification chart is divided into four parts IIT, NIT, Top Engineering Colleges and others. This chart shows that out of the total number of applications received, how many of them were from IITs, NITs, Top Engineering Colleges or others.

For example, in this chart, out of the 97 applicants, 25% are from IITs, 59% from NITs, 4% from top engineering colleges and 11% from other colleges.

Applied Charts

These charts are further classified into two categories, one based on experience and other based on comparison of rank.

Distribution of application by experience (in Years):
The x-axis in the following chart gives the experience of an applicant (in years) while the y-axis gives the number of applicants. The graph clearly shows that out of the 97 applicants, 92 applicants have a work experience of less than 1 year, 2 have an experience of 1-3 Years and 2 an experience of 5-10 Years.

Rank Comparison Chart:
The rank comparison gives you a rank based on a detailed analysis of your profile. For instance, in this graph, the applicant has 96th rank out of a total of 97 applicants.

Not only this, if at any point you feel the need to just remind the recruiter about your application, you can do this too. Just click on the green downwards arrow (marked by a black circle) at the beginning of the “Job Title” on the “Applied Jobs” page, and you can see the option “Reminder. “.


This way we can track our journey all the way from “Applied” to “Selected”. To get the premium account for free, just refer to your friends, after all, we all are passionately looking for that premium job.



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