Manisha Raisinghani: Co-Founder LogiNext in an exclusive Interview with HireTale

“We are a team of creative, technology-loving people that works, eats and plays together, with a lot of groupies (photos)”

LogiNext funded by Indian Angel Network is a technology-based startup, providing real-time visibility and optimization solutions to logistics companies. This is what we all know about LogiNext, but to know the details HireTale decided to interview the co-founder of LogiNext, Manisha Raijsinghani.

HireTale: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your journey as a Co-Founder at LogiNext?

Manisha: manisha Co-Founder LogiNextStarting my career as a software engineer at Mastek after my graduation from Mumbai, I did my masters in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon and then joined  IBM. In 2013, while discussing problems and complexities in logistics with Dhruvil (Co-Founder) to provide real-time visibility and optimization solutions to logistics companies, we came across the idea to start up in this domain using the Internet of Things and big data to optimize delivery networks, internal operations and other logistics services.

HireTale: We see that there aren’t many women working in a profile like yours. What do you think about this?
Manisha: It may sound astounding but in a recent blog interview by YourStory, I was asked the same question. It’s true that the women to men ratio in a profile like me is very low. Though this is a rough domain to work at according to me the problem starts from the root. Till 10th grade, the ratio of boys and girls in schools is almost equal and as we progress towards senior secondary and then college with science subjects, the ratio decreases drastically.

HireTale: With the word start-up, the first thing that springs up in mind is, who are the co-founders?
Manisha: Dhruvil Sanghvi and I founded the company in 2013. We met at CMU in 2010 where we pursued our master’s degree in big data analytics and management.

HireTale: How were you able to manage the initial funding and who are your investors now?
Manisha: Initially we decided to cumulate our savings by working in tech giants for two years and then create and launch a product, putting that salary on stake. We have received seed funding of north of half a million dollars from Indian Angel Network.

HireTale: A strong startup with strong founders and fundings, what are the major skills/qualities you would want in a candidate?

Manisha: Jugaadu, Self-motivated, Self-starter, adaptable, One who loves challenges.

HireTale: Your favorite and most important interview question in a job interview.
Manisha: The role is going to be very exciting and challenging, do you think you are ready for this roller-coaster ride?

HireTale: Anything else you want to share that would attract candidates and give more insight about the jobs.
Manisha: We are a team of creative, technology-loving people that works, eats and plays together, with a lot of groupies (photos).

HireTale: Your experience with HireTale.
Manisha: It has been excellent, we hope the service and level of work remain the same.


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