“There is zero competition in the exact Vision and Domain where we are directing ourselves to.”

wedel This is what Sugam, the founder of the startup has to say about his Wedel. Wedel is a year old company which is bootstrapped as of now. It is under the aegis of a group company, which is more than 4 decades old with over 100 branches spread across the country and specializes in Full truck transportation with an annual turnover of over Rs 350 crores. Wedel is a technology-based platform to generate leads in the cargo/logistics domain and convert them into a sure shot business.

Here is an excerpt of the interview of Sugam with HireTale :

HireTale: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your journey as a Founder at Wedel?

Sugam: My journey in this industry started almost 5 years back while I was gaining experience in my family owned transport business. 2 years after completing there, I did my Masters from JCU, Singapore and then worked for a year in a leading Logistics Company having worldwide services as a Product Manager for Air. Last year, my entrepreneurial journey started with Wedel and yet just excited as I must be.

HireTale: What is the problem that you are solving and for whom?

Sugam: Our vision is to help the current $120 billion logistics industry organize itself and generate more business while the users will benefit with it directly with absolute transparency in rates and services.

HireTale: Where will the most significant growth occur in the company in the next few years?

Sugam: The industry in which we are sitting on has immense potential and the growth rate cannot be pre-determined. One thing is for sure that if the team is good, there are huge expansions plans in line which has the potential to take this idea to great heights.

HireTale: Can you share a little insight on the idea with the users of HireTale.com?

Sugam: We are venturing into an untapped market of logistics in our own way. The concept is to boost the Door to Door Pick Up & Delivery in India of Cargo/Courier and Packers & Movers too. It will give these companies (which we call our ‘Vendors’) a platform to generate leads and convert them into sure shot business without having to invest in other overhead expenses like the Sales team, Advertising, etc. while reaching a very wider market with the only help of Technology. And from the users’ point of view, they have not seen anything like our concept which has the ability to bring transparency in rates and services but most importantly, simplify their lives

HireTale: How do you differentiate your company, product, a team from another market player in the same segment?

Sugam: There is zero competition in the exact vision where we are directing ourselves to. We are effectively the first movers in this domain

HireTale:  What key challenges have you faced in sourcing and retaining talent? What are the qualities that you seek in a prospective employee?

Sugam: The biggest challenge in hiring for us is lack of passion. I believe that if the team is great we can even make darker things look brighter. CTC is of utmost importance, but candidates should not apply for the sake of it. They should be passionate enough and be patient to work with us with a problem-solving attitude while we create an innovative product.




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