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Whether you are a job provider or a job seeker, interview skills are a pre-requisite to accelerate up the professional ladder. Performing well in an interview is not only a necessity to get a job but is also a reflection of who you aspire to be.

Working for big companies and having taken interviews across various positions, I would like to share some tips that may prove fruitful in cracking your next interview.

Know your Core Competencies

For you to come across as a strong candidate for the relevant position, it is essential that you have your basics in the right place. Just like the strength of a building lie in its foundation pillars, basics form the foundation pillars of our expertise on the subject matter.

Basics encompass the knowledge and in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Being able to answer all the direct and indirect questions on the subject matter being put forth during the interview without losing calm is a definite win for you.

As you gain experience in your domain, application based question become commonplace, with strong analytical and practical reasoning gaining precedence keeping the in-depth knowledge constant.

Articulation Skills

While having basics in the right place and knowledge about the subject matter lay a strong foundation, being articulate is equally important. Many times, a conceptually strong candidate may not be able to explain the concepts, thereby leading to a false impression.

If you can relate to this problem, here is a tip I always give to my colleagues – explain the concept to somebody who has little or no knowledge of the subject matter. If they understand roughly half of it, call it a job well done.

Stay Updated

“Change is the only constant.” – this quote finds itself best fitted for the current timeline. Never has the world around us evolved so efficiently and quickly as it is happening right now.

In this fast-paced world, it is essential, that one must stay updated with the latest developments in their respective domains. Updating and upgrading your skill-set from time to time is important for a good interview.

Be Confident, be honest and never panic. It is okay to say NO

It is very important to stay confident during the entire interview process, avoiding panic as much as possible. Often, the interviewer asks you a tricky question or try to put pressure on you to step you out of the comfort zone. In all such situations, there is only one success mantra to be followed – DON’T PANIC AND STAY CONFIDENT.

Whenever you sense a question that appears tricky to you, it is okay to ask for some time to think about it and then answer. It is important to know that an interview is not a rapid-fire round. One thing I always suggest is to accept that you don’t know the answer. Never try and make a false impression, because it never works.

Dress neatly and be Punctual

A very important aspect of making a good first impression is by presenting the best self, not just intellectually, but also physically. While we are moving towards a more “comfortable clothing” to work environment, it is important to dress properly to an interview.

While it may not be imperative to wear a formal dress to an interview, wearing one always gives you an edge and a positive start. Reaching the venue of the interview 10-15 minutes early is always desirable, as it gives you time to get accustomed to the surroundings, as well as help you maintain the calm needed for the interview.

I hope these tips help you in your interviews to come.


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