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It’s August already. And as the trend suggests, chances are, if you’re an engineering graduate (or any other perhaps), then all the placement related activities of your college would be done with by now. So, if you’re among the lucky ones who have a job offer in their hands, courtesy their College Placements then: Congratulations!

But, if you’re not one of them, then, guess what, Congratulations to you too! Now, you have the wonderful opportunity to pen-down your own destiny with your hands.

In this post, I shall discuss the necessary steps that a graduate, straight out of his/her college, need to take in order to get placed in the next few months, of course, only if he/she is willing to:

Stay Motivated

We mark this as our first step. This is an absolute must. You cannot afford to be down at this point in your life. Not because it shall set the wrong tone for your future, but because there’s absolutely no need to be. There will be, and trust us on this, plenty and plenty of more opportunities for you out there. Many on the HireTale platform too.

Stay Alert

By asking you to stay alert, we ask you to read and research around a bit, on a daily basis. Stay updated with what’s happening in the job sector, what technologies are hot, which Startup or MNC is hiring the most, what sectors are hiring the most, what sectors pay the most etc.

This will be essential, especially, if you’re unsure about your own self, your strengths, your interests, what sector you wish to divulge in the future, are you a ‘salary’ oriented person, or a ‘work’ oriented person, etc.


Subscribe to some relevant websites. Genuine websites that offer you help with jobs. Websites that big companies use to hire graduates. sends new job updates every week to subscribers. You can subscribe to job alerts through subscribe box in the footer at

Give Some More Tests

Sorry grads, we understand you are not in a mood to give more tests at the moment, especially given the fact that you have just given around 200 of them while you were in your college. But turns out, it’s not that bad of a time to do so. Why?

Because you’re straight out of your college, you’re still in the habit of studying and giving tests, so why not do it for 2 more nights?

Go For All

Feel motivated enough? Good. Now let’s bring you to the ground. Let’s have a reality check. Our fifth and final step is aimed to not make you feel down, but to rather help you realize a few factors:

You’re an engineer in India

Meaning, you are not the only one out there unemployed. You will be competing with thousands of your companions on a daily basis now. Let’s be honest, college placements are not in their best of statuses at the moment in India.

So, you got to double up on your efforts, cause the competition has still not ended (and shall never end). Same goes for other graduates.

You’ve only 8 to 10 more months 

Yes, you have only 8 to 10 more months to get employed. Most of the jobs on those websites shall get filled up in those initial 8 to 10 months. And once the clock ticks past 12 months, guess what, You’re not a fresher anymore. So, you got to act quickly, and give as many tests as possible, and appear for as many interviews as you can.

“Go for All” simply means, or rather begs you to not get complacent. Trust on this one too, at times, off-campus job opportunities you will get shall be better than the on-campus ones. So, you got to grab them with both hands.

Never say NO to an interview/opportunity.

Best wishes!


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