The Pointless Battle


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We live in a century where opportunities are in abundance, but skilled people are in absence. There is a huge gap between the demand for specific skills and the mindset of people who are getting hired to fulfill those demands.

We live in an era, where we have the people for fulfilling the huge skill gap, but unfortunately lack the “right” people.

Have you ever wondered why a student who is a Food technology graduate, would just end up in a Multinational firm?

You think he developed a sudden love for programming, overnight?

There are 2 scenarios that have developed in the recent years.

  1. We do not have the right kind of jobs for the right skills.
  2. The students choose to overthrow their 4 years of learning for something relatively safe.

The second scenario is most prevalent nowadays.

Every year lakhs and lakhs of IT employees keep trying out all possible exams in a Brute Force manner. GATE, CAT, GRE, IAS, SBI PO and what not. These are the buzzwords nowadays.

As they say “Sabka exam dega tera Faizal !!”.

The purpose of engineering is facing its grave.

These exams have suddenly lost their charm. The number of candidates attempting them, have kept increasing at an exponential rate and so has the number of failures.

The problem with today’s youth is, there is a gush of energy flowing around, but no proper direction given to it. Most people having no idea of what they really want to pursue, end up trying every possible career option and waste precious “learning” years of their lives.

Most of the students who attempt these exams have no clue that they would have to choose this career for almost the rest of their life.

Many students, after performing well in such exams and getting placed, end up in the wrong job and regret for the rest of their life. Of course, the pay package balances it out, but was that the point?

Was that the purpose of sailing around to end up in the wrong territory with no way out?

Hence, it is very important to sharpen the axe before cutting the tree. There should be a thorough research and understanding of different kinds of career available out there.

People should be more concerned about the job role and responsibilities. They should rather look into the learning opportunities and challenges their role has to offer and whether it intrigues them more than the dough.

The career clock starts ticking right after graduation. The learning years keep extinguishing very fast.

Hence the paramount step should be to conserve and utilize these years for “your” desired job rather than the “preferred” job. Do not plunge into just another Pointless battle.


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