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How can you feel nervous and excited at the same time?

More or less, that is your state of mind when you have to face that interview. It all can be nerve-wracking at times.

Imagining sight of a complete set of strangers pouncing you with numerous questions and you have to fit in their expectations and exaggerate at times as you’re lacking in few areas. Doesn’t that go at the back your mind and that fear of rejection haunts you?

Phew! Relax, it’s just an interview…

Develop a positive outlook about the interview process, interviewer and the job. Understand that you and your interviewer are equal on a human level, so you need not feel intimidated by them for any reason.

Your interviewer wants to hire you; therefore they’re looking for a positive response from you and are going to be cooperative.

Consider and focus on the actual meaning of the interview, which is about interacting, developing a good understanding of people, work & company involved in the interview and not interrogation. So relax, smile, take your time and then answer each question carefully.

Make Good First Impression

Be upbeat in your evaluation and be opinionated. Keep a professionally positive approach; therefore it’s always good to start with a firm handshake, though it is not a compulsion.

Stay flexible in your ideologies and it’s always a good practice in your daily lifestyle. Show interest in your work and your employer which will naturally leave a positive impact on your interviewer.

Try and be the self-starter of the Interview

Interview the interviewer. Yes! Stay natural with the person you’re interacting with and therefore ask them if you have any relevant questions about them or the company. Give them a compliment if you like anything about them. Make sure to keep things professional.

Dress neatly in well-ironed clothes and as per your profile

Dressing as per the occasion goes without say. However, it also depends on your job profile. Stay correct in your choice of clothes, accessories, hair-style and shoes (keep them clean). Maintain good hygiene, look and stay fresh. This plays a major role in boosting your confidence.

Know what you don’t know

It is a very essential point missed out in most of the interview tips. Not just knowing your work is important, but how much and what not you know is equally important too. That shows the employer you’re confident and are sure of your work and are willing to learn and grow in the future as well. Stay true to your skill sets.

Rule of Body Language

This point will be very helpful in order to handle the entire interview process. In any effective conversation, a large portion is judged by our body language and tone. Keep a good poise and confidence while you interact, stay respectful and polite and do not forget basic manners like closing the door as you leave.

Be You

Last but very important point is to be you! Always remember your roots and be proud of who you are. We all have areas where we lack, but we all are deserving too.

So now as you know what to do, go and enjoy that interview :)


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