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A resume is literally the key to success in today’s times. The prospects of landing a dream job completely depend on your abilities and achievements as an individual. If you are just starting off, you might not have much to boast about.

But if you are an experienced professional, there might be too many things that can make your resume look clumsy. The need for balance is essential for your resume, as you have to try and make sure it is not too short or too long.

This, however, remains an age-old debate with a lot of individuals choosing to format their pages by only highlighting those experiences and achievements that might be relevant to the new job they seek.

Instead of this, you could opt to highlight your most important points on one page, and keep it to that. One page resumes serve as the vessel to help you land your new job, and that too, with finesse.

If considered from a recruiters perspective, you will realize how many resumes he or she has to go through before shortlisting the ideal candidates, many times it’s just a glance lasting a few seconds. When he or she reaches your resume, the surprise gets unfolded.

One page on the table showcases everything about you. Your basic info, educational qualifications, and prior work experiences, achievements, and other interests. These are all the things that matter.

If it fits their criteria, you are hired! It saves the recruiters time, highlighting your skill set, and also shows how efficient and organized you are as an individual.

The choice of having one page as your resume definitely depends on you. If you are just starting off, this pattern would be highly beneficial for you.

If you have, say, three or four years of experience, this again would be the perfect way for you to go about applying for jobs. A resume does not have to be thorough and long unless you have been in an industry for around eight to 10 years.

A one-page resume cuts out the additional info. It is straight to the point and offers clarity about your achievements. It is more approachable and hence the recruiter does not have to flip through pages eradicating the unnecessary information. You have already done that for him or her and have hence cleared your first hurdle towards success.

Elon Musk’s one-page resume has been doing the rounds on the internet for two reasons – firstly because it is Elon Musk and secondly because he supports it too! Elon Musk is a global influencer with the wackiest of ideas. His recommendation for the same comes along with his resume printed on a single page.

It is crisp, straightforward and highlights all that he has done in a simple format. A recruiter has your attention span for about six to ten seconds when he or she comes across your page.

Your aim is to display yourself within that time frame. Formats keep changing all the time and people say different things. It is up to you to decide what would be best for you as you try to display your professional silhouette in front of a recruiter by all means.



Your resume is the way of marketing yourself, the way you sell yourself. The more ‘on-the-face’ it is, the better. Making a one-page resume, with it you can add a cover letter or a statement of purpose describing how you would make the cut and prove yourself to the desired position.

Some companies even request one page resumes. It stands as a method of saving space efficiently. While you are working on creating the perfect resume, you can keep the following points in mind.

  • Make notes and organize them according to what information you can leave behind, what you definitely want to add to your resume and what can ideally remain if you want to fit it on a page.
  • There is no need to include experiences or achievements that are more than a decade long. Recruiters prefer to notice your latest history, with relevant skills and achievements.
  • Apply a font that makes the information look presentable and crisp to fit everything on a single page. You can try minimizing the font size but be aware of not making it too short, You do not want the recruiter to struggle and read your page and ultimately lose interest.

You can utilize a bunch of resume builders online that can make your task easy. These tools generally have different formats that you can try out and arrange your information properly.

You can make a one-page resume from scratch within minutes and also judge it online by adding videos or infographics that will definitely make it look unique. Always try and provide an innovative approach to do things. This would not only show your creativity but also make your resume stand out in front of recruiters.

Put the icing on the cake by providing your online details like your email, LinkedIn URL or maybe your portfolio link in your contacts section. This would tell the recruiter that there is more to you than on paper and he or she could totally enquire about you on the given platforms.

You should always remember that your resume is your offline interview and hence, you should sell yourself accordingly.

By Eva R Sachdeva


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