Startup Entrepreneurship: How working in a startup can make you a better entrepreneur


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Or just in some corner of your heart, you desire that you don’t have a boss and maybe own business someday, is that you? Read on then.

A startup provides a culture facilitates an environment which aids in the mutual development of the community, the environment that values creative problem solving, open communication and a flatter hierarchy.

A startup culture will give you an opportunity to create and co-parent a company which is both amazing and terrifying experience. The startup culture gives you a certain rush and getting addicted to it is a contagious phenomenon.

So what does the culture imbibe in you?

Teaches you to fail fast, learn and move on

Startups will re-teach you what nature has been saying for ages, fail. Failure is your stepping stone to success, failure will show that you are trying, failure will teach you what not to do.

In the modern time, startups will also teach you that the sooner the failure, the better. Learn and move ahead. Your fear of failure will diminish slowly in the environment.

How is a roller coaster ride? Emotionally, expect the same

The journey in a startup is a real-life roller coaster, the culture brings the ups and down with itself, the failures and successes are a regular part of the journey. This pressure to perform and the environment makes you emotionally more ready to prepare yourself for your future share of the emotional storm as a future entrepreneur.

In a moment you can move mountains or the land under your feet may shift. You will probably have accomplished more in a short tenure than what you would have in your life.


You will get more responsibilities but you learn more too

Working in a startup means you are a vital cog in a small team. You as an intrapreneur have a unique approach towards solving a problem in hand and definitely gives an opportunity to get noticed.

With these increased responsibilities, the learning curve is very steep. If you want to be successful, you need to know yourself. The opportunity to live with such constant influx and uncertainty will bring out the best and worst of you.

All these will lead you to be more responsible, dependable, flexible and willing to explore the scopes of improvement. In a big multinational organization, the importance of a single member of a team won’t be that prominent.

The designated role and the authority of decisionmaking in a startup are very dynamic, making it function more efficiently.



The mindset of innovative people around will help you build as a critical thinker

Anyone who is a part of a startup will tell you about the lively work environment that exists. The people around you are filled with zeal and determination to do their best.

People who take the risk of establishing their own business are always brimming with ideas and open to any kind of crazy perspective from their teammates.

The culture helps in exploring various options and having an original idea. This direct interactive culture will enable you to explore the unusual dimension of the thought processes or approach possible.

You will learn to be innovative and also frugal

Working at startup probably means that money will be tight. With limited money, the resources will be meager. The above limitations often bring the best out of an individual and a team.

The frugal approach helps in lean management and the best possible use of the resources. Limitations like constraints, deadline, etc. tend to bring the best out of an individual or team.

Building reputation, network: Earning references and recommendations to increase the scope

The flat structure followed in the startup culture encourages more interactions and networking. The platform is set to get recognized for the work, earn references and recommendations in the future.

The environment provides healthy relationship building platforms, in many cases, your next investor can be from your network. Thus, networking has the potential to play a big role in your venture building journey.


Getting a job in a rising startup is the best way to learn how to manage and grow with the team in an efficient manner. You will be instilled with the value of hard work, ownership and how to evolve in your role by being aligned to the company’s vision.

One can learn how the consistency of vision will keep everyone productive. Conversely, a failure can be a great example of what not to do when you yourself would be an entrepreneur, anyway, it will be an enriching experience.


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By Arko Biswas


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