How to add a more likeable character in you at workplace?

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It is common to notice how two people equipped with the same skills do not get the same feedback. An individual’s character matters greatly, in general, and in the workplace. Likeability is one of the factors that measure success and serves as a great deal to distinguish one person from the other.

While some people are gifted with likeability, others develop it over time with their work and experience. It is alright to have a unique personality. What gives it a boost is the acquisition of skills required at the workplace that is of instant appeal to recruiters and employees, alike.

A person’s charisma sticks with them throughout life. If you have ever tried to figure out why you appreciate a certain person, pay attention to the things they say and do.

Charisma can be developed by drawing inspiration from successful influencers in one’s field, and also from friends and family. If there is a person you look up to or idolize, follow their footsteps to understand the modifications you can make.

Charisma can be one’s true reflection and also a false projection of who they really are. It solely depends on how people choose to project themselves, depending upon the situation.

The smoothness with which one is able to do so is a good display of a vibrant character. Most celebrities in today’s day and age do the same. They try to lead a normal life away from the stardom.

At their workspace, they project a different character altogether that makes them likable in their fields. The right way to balance charisma is essential to lead a healthy and successful life.

Characteristics of a Likeable Character at Work

Likable people are trustworthy. They are dependable and serve as valuable assets in the workplace. Following are some of the characteristics you can adopt in yourself to form a better approachable character at the office –

Develop a Concrete Presence

Your presence plays a crucial role in determining your importance in the workplace, as a boss or an employee. Presence is closely connected to confidence. You can build up your presence by actively engaging with others. This would require constant interaction, not just physically but also mentally.

A presence of mind and place would not only benefit you in completing your tasks but would also improve peer group relationships that are significant for working in teams.

Build your Confidence

Confidence seconds having a strong presence at work. It is a map of your originality and perception as a person and helps a company in building strong relations with others. Confidence is the key essence of a successful work ergonomic.

Although, having a sense of confidence does not necessarily mean that you do not appreciate others’ ideas. As much as it goes hand in hand, humbleness goes a long way and compliments confidence in portraying your character as an individual.

Understand How To Converse With Others

A likable character knows how to have a conversation with others. A proper conversation is not the only goal-oriented but is also focused on making the other person comfortable. You should never talk about matters that would make the other person uncomfortable.

Always have a sense of creativity and analyze the type of conversation with the required person. A workplace asks a unique conversation out of you than how you would generally converse with friends or family. It is important for you to understand the basics of ethics when it comes to working.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

A positive atmosphere at work helps employees to efficiently carry out their tasks. A hint of negativity can disturb peace and harmony. Hence, it is essential for you as an individual to maintain happy thoughts during work hours. Do not get affected by personal issues or mingle work stresses in personal matters.

You should also ensure others’ happiness and positivity and bring it to the table with your actions or words. It would make others rely on you for different things and make them feel more comfortable, even at the office.

Some are born with likeable traits while others learn how to acquire it. If you fall in the latter half, these skills would prove beneficial for you at work.

As you improve yourself day in and out, your character in addition to your contribution to your workplace would teach you a lot about sustenance. It would also give a chance to others to learn from you, as you keep space for growing and improvising.

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