“Paytm cash for Updated profiles”- Winners declared!

Hello There!

Team HireTale will like to convey our thanks to all of you for participating in this event with great enthusiasm.

As per the campaign “Paytm cash for updated profiles” launched on May 14, 2018, we are hereby declaring the top 100 rockstars who won Free Paytm Cash worth INR 100. 

Winners were selected via lucky draw among the users who updated their profile by 24th May EOD. Please find the winners’ list below.

1 Rajesh Jha rjha72@gmail.com
2 Anil Kumar akgupta5592@gmail.com
3 V Niranjan vniranjan1972@homemail.com
4 Vibhu Vidyarthi Vibhu.vidyarthi@gmail.com
5 Saiprasanna Tammana saiprasanna.tammana@gmail.com
6 Khalik Ashwin khalik.ashwin@gmail.com
7 Gayatri Gaitonde gayatri.gaitonde@gmail.com
8 Pratap Singh singhpratap0785@gmail.com
9 Vivek Sharma viveksharma17@gmail.com
10 Ranjit Pawar itranjit@gmail.com
11 Nitin Mallikarjun n2mallikarjun@gmail.com
12 Ashokkumar Chinnusamy ashokkc@gmail.com
13 Naveem B bnaveem@gmail.com
14 Shivi Bhardwaj shivibh@gmail.com
15 Amrit Bhandari amrbhandari@yahoo.com
16 Jitender Pahwa jitender.pahwa@gmail.com
17 Sourabh Solanki solankisourabh@yahoo.co.in
18 Amit Sarkar amit.sarkar@live.com
19 Sanjay Bhure bhuresanjay@gmail.com
20 Sudhindra Aithal sudhindraaithalgr@gmail.com
21 Gokul Elangovan gokul.kmu@gmail.com
22 Arnab Roy arnabair@yahoo.com
23 Arul Venkateshan arulvenkateshan@gmail.com
24 Prabhath Murthy prab_murthy@yahoo.co.in
25 Sandeepkumar Limbachiya slimbachiya@yahoo.com
26 Shivkant Singh singhshivkant80@gmail.com
27 Vinod Kumar p.vin1985@gmail.com
28 Shashi Singh shashi.peehu1985@gmail.com
29 Siva Prasad Rayapati sivaprasadrayapati@gmail.com
30 Nitish Jayakumar nitish.jayakumar@gmail.com
31 Haribabu Marthala haribabu.marthala@gmail.com
32 Pradeep Potti pdnpradeep1@gmail.com
33 Rajesh Rathor rajeshkrathor@gmail.com
34 Anom Khobragade anom.scorpio@gmail.com
35 Gaurav Jain jaingaurav.2009@gmail.com
36 Ashfag Baig Mirza abujasimirza@gmail.com
37 Jalpa Kapani jalpa.k@icloud.com
38 Vikash Kumar kumarvikas134@gmail.com
39 Vinkesh Shah vinkeshshah@gmail.com
40 Mukesh Chaudhary mkshchdhry80@gmail.com
41 Prashant Sharma prashantecindia@gmail.com
42 Abhishek Kumar Srivastava abhishek_sacred31@aol.in
43 Prithwiraj Sen prithwiraj@live.com
44 Krunal Pala palakrunaln@gmail.com
45 Rajasekhar Vuppala rajasekhar_vk@yahoo.com
46 Elambarithy R elambarithy.r@gmail.com
47 Dnyaneshwari Kapse d.kapse13june@gmail.com
48 Romesh Ratn romeshratn25@gmail.com
49 Shivi Chauhan shivi.kdd@gmail.com
50 Ritesh Kumar riteshjgi@gmail.com
51 Sailu Chowdary sailajachowdary234@gmail.com
52 Triveni Yetukuri triveniyetukuri73@gmail.com
53 Swathi H B swathuhb03@gmail.com
54 Nulu Rangamadhu nulu.madhu@gmail.com
55 Pranjal Dewangan pranjaldewangan2812@gmail.com
56 Abhishek Kumar A.vats303@gmail.com
57 Bhuvan Goyal bhuvangoyal96@gmail.com
58 Akshay Deole akshaydeole2@gmail.com
59 Anshul Khairari khairarianshul@gmail.com
60 Adi Riwariya adityariwariya@gmail.com
61 Rajat Agarwal rajatagarwal699@gmail.com
62 Rajesh Kumar rajesh291ku@gmail.com
63 Komal Shitole komal.sahil2009@gmail.com
64 Archit Gupta architgupta690@gmail.com
65 Arghya Laha arghyalaha@gmail.com
66 Navdeep Kukreja navdeepkukreja@gmail.com
67 Ajay Diwakar diwakarajay44@gmail.com
68 Sumana Rao sumanaprao95@gmail.com
69 Sai Charan Tadepalli saicherry026@gmail.com
70 Rahul Kumar rahul.aryan616@gmail.com
71 Deepshikha Sinha deepshikhasinha23@gmail.com
72 Rahul Patel me13b1030@iith.ac.in
73 Anushka Verma anushkaset2win@gmail.com
74 Abdul Wariz warizabdul2@gmail.com
75 Pankaj Adhage pankaj.adhage@gmail.com
76 Sahaj Jain Sahaj1195@gmail.com
77 Laher Jaiswal laherjaiswal@gmail.com
78 Anmol Kumar kumar.anmol591@gmail.com
79 Dnyaneshwar Jadhav djadhavapex@gmail.com
80 Keerthana R kr.keerthana99@gmail.com
81 Prathamesh Naidu prathamesh.naidu23@gmail.com
82 Sreeraj P R r.sreeraj95@gmail.com
83 Pradyuti Pradyuti pradyuti001@gmail.com
84 Asham Kaul ashamkaul070@yahoo.com
85 Mohit Kaushal kaushal.mohit1996@gmail.com
86 Mayur Tawale mayurtawale@gmail.com
87 Debolina Paul debolinapaul222@gmail.com
88 Aditya Raj adi7raj93@gmail.com
89 Dhruv Mewada dhruvmewada@outlook.com
90 Jibin Babukutty jibinbabukutty@gmail.com
91 Taiba Mahmood taiba143@gmail.com
92 Rohit Parmar parmarrohit119@gmail.com
93 Anisha Saha anisha95saha@gmail.com
94 Amit Kumar Parida b314048@iiit-bh.ac.in
95 Harish Kumar hk98374@gmail.com
96 Kunal Kakade ee14btech11012@iith.ac.in
97 Gunjan Satija gsatija18@gmail.com
98 Neha Bera neha.bera20@gmail.com
99 Akarsh Singh akarshsingh005@gmail.com
100 Pavithran Murugesan pavithranmurugesan1996@gmail.com

Winners, please revert to social@hiretale.com with your Paytm number in which the amount is to be transferred and get your cash soon! 

Stay tuned with HireTale for future events and exciting job opportunities.



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