Photography as a Career!


Photography is booming and explored rigorously in the current scenario. There ample opportunities for social media where you can share your images/pictures/portraits, interact with the audience and eventually grow your business.

From Instagram to Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest, 500px to Flikr, we have more options to explore the world of social media like never before.

These days it is emerging as a popular career choice among all age groups.

Photography as a beginner or hobby?

With this interesting domain, it is now possible to store all the memorable days and times as a memory. Because of the social thrift and high amount of disposable income, people are now taking active participation in photography and photo shoots.

Can we have a career in it? What is the scope?

The answer is Yes, it can be used as an amazing career option considering the social media outrage, travel startups, spiking wedding planning industry, Instagram & YouTube shoot. All have photography as a major content holder.

As a promising career aspect, the scope is humongous

  • Best kind of expression
  • It’ll make you narrator without using a word
  • Travelling is unexciting without camera and pictures, why not click some pictures and earn money from what we love doing
  • Pictures let you join with other people
  • Make people smile and capture memories in the camera

What all kinds of photography is available?

  • Photojournalists
  • Feature photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Portrait/Wedding photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Scientific photography
  • Freelancer photography

How to learn /improve photography?

It usually starts with an interest, if you are driven towards capturing pictures /images than this whole journey will be very fruitful & interesting.

Are there any professional courses?

Yes, there are. Here is the link where you can find all kinds of diploma, 1-year programmer into photography with Indian university

  • For improving knowledge and to know the basics of photography we can go through some top institutes.

       Indian institutes

Do we have courses abroad? Are they expensive?

Yes, we do have.

Fees of the course generally lie under the range of (40000-60000 INR)

The best international schools for photography.

Can we self-learn photography?

There are vivid books and videos available to self understand the concept and this art.

You can go through this link for books related to photography. Books are the best way to understand the minuteness of this art.

Another way of understanding this is through videos of people who are in this field.

Do we need a professional camera?

Yes, if you want to initiate your career into this, the professional camera will be your best weapon.

It is a digital single- lens reflex camera. In comparison to that of mirror lens or point and shoot camera, DSLR camera shows the exact scene you are going to capture in real time.

Here are some best DSLR cameras which you can explore – click here

More detailed explanation on DSLR can be seen here

How important is editing in photography?

The most critical part of photography is editing.

It’s the actual reason why photographers can charge and showcase their creativity in the most significant manner.

Often, the critical part of shooting pictures is the work after they have been shot. Editing a photo is a beautiful and tactful process which removes blemish and undesired objects from digital photos.

These are the best editors which can be used for editing the photographs and more detailed explanation on editing

Just like any other career, you would need to invest time, energy and money towards getting your dream job. So just capture others’ smiles and memories in your cameras and make your passion as your career.

Happy clicking. Click! Click!

Author: Swarajita Roy


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