12 Smart Ways to Crack Campus Placement!


Getting Campus Placement is one of the dreams for every student. But due to increased competition in today’s time, one has to work on developing their skills on a continuous basis so that when the placement season starts, the probability of getting placed increases exponentially.

Smart tips for getting placement

 As it is said rightly that “the journey of miles begins with a single step,” so the journey of getting a dream job begins with the excellent foundation.


Attendance on campus is very essential as one remains updated with curriculum and current events going on in college.


Your CGPA takes you near to your dream job. Put in the legwork and take your grades seriously.
In case you don’t fit in above, then read further to get your dream job.


Today job market demands excellent communication, so one needs to sharpen these skills to get good growth in career.


Your resume is the first impression of the recruiter, make sure it is the best because the first impression is the last impression. Frame a crisp intro and keep your CV short preferably lasting for one-two pages.

It should contain bold headlines highlighting your critical academic achievements and highlights of your extra-curricular activities.

A crisp resume with all the necessary details about your professional experience to date is handy. Try to picture in mind the success story, which you have mentioned in the resume and you are going to tell at the interview.

Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test is the preliminary screening round that is conducted by many organizations to ensure the potential and ability of a candidate. It enables to find out whether the candidate is the right fit for the job.

Generally, aptitude tests and skill assessment exercises cover the following areas:

  • Quantitative Ability
  • Logical Reasoning/Analytical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Domain knowledge

Group Discussion (GD)

A group discussion round, in a campus placement exercise, where the moderator gets to observe a set of candidates and see how they would react in situations or communicate over their convictions in a problem-solving mode.

GD also serves as a mass-elimination tool. When many candidates are applying for limited seats, the GD can act as a benchmark to select the best among the lot.

Useful Tips for GD:

Understanding of Topic: Clarity of the topic is fundamental to ensure that you perform well in GD.

Knowledge of Topic: One should have abstract thoughts on the topic and focus more on facts and cite relevant examples on the subject.

Communicating Your Views: Communication skills play a significant role in GD as you have to express your views effectively. Your aim should be to collate your thoughts in a structured manner and put them across to the team and the assessors in a productive way.


Technical Interview:

Technical Interview is undertaken to assess the core competencies of student’s, i.e., whether the student possesses the requisite skills to perform the duties for which recruitment is conducting.
One should be thorough with the concepts to perform well and crack the technical interview.

HR Interview:

HR interview is a case of conviction, where you need to convince the HR personnel, checking you for possible red flags, that you’re the best fit for the role at hand.

All you’re expected in an HR interview is to be yourself, have a smiling face, don’t be overconfident and be excited about the things. Don’t overdo anything!

Skills Portfolio:

As in today’s time, competition has increased at a rapid rate, so one has to possess some different skills to crack the campus placements. Ask yourself what occupies most of your time and effort in life, and try to translate that into a meaningful career.

Organization Details:

As before appearing for the Assessment, one has to do complete homework, knowing about the organization is one of them, as it facilitates the student preparation as it helps in figuring out some of the expected questions that which are asked during the interview.

Handle Stress:

Many candidates find it difficult to maintain the stress level before an interview. Being stressed is natural, but one should learn to keep it as low as possible to crack the interview successfully.

Mutual Interest:

During the campus interview, one needs to show interest towards organization and responsibilities that will be going to be assigned to the student. It increases the confidence of recruiter towards the student.


It is always good to know where you stand, make sure to take input from the interviewer after the recruitment process, so that you can improve and perform better the next time.

If you don’t get placement through campus, Chill HireTale is always around you taking you near to your dream job.

Happy Searching !!!!

Author: Manish Gandhi



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