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Cognition is a word derived from the Latin root ‘cognoscere’ which mean ‘to know’. It is a process of forming an image of anything that a person comes across, be it people, things or experiences. Recruiters being Humans too have a much similar algorithm.

The profiles that the recruiter goes across, other than the personal information described is much vastly defined by your Curriculum Vitae. It is like the first image of ourselves in the mind of the employer until he meets us.

When we apply for a job, the recruiter seeks out if we can be a cog; a part in the big machinery working together that is the firm. We can only expect to hear from them if our CV is appealing to them.


Our CV should be concise, precise and to the point. The qualifications should be mentioned in a chronological manner and the use of long sentences should be avoided. The employer we seek gets hundreds of applications a day and does not have the time to go through them all.

Our A4 size sheet doesn’t have to be very well tailored or jazzy, but it should be bold and simple and should be able to impress the employer at one go.

It has become a tendency of job seekers to form an unprofessional CV. Putting up fancy colored photographs or unusual fonts, we may think it gives a better impression but all it does is make us look like we prefer style over substance.

A black and white mug shot for a photograph and an appealing bold font style is always admired over the former.

Our CV is like our record since birth and a reason why the employer should consider us is that it looks impressive. It should have all the specifics mentioned clearly.

Our education as mentioned earlier but also our experiences, activities, the important roles we had and our achievements. They all can be listed out but in an orderly and crisp fashion.

‘It should be free from any grammatical error and should be checked and rechecked before sending it out. Having proper indenting of fonts and the contact details being correct is another must.’

It is very important for every person who is applying for a job anywhere because it gives the employer our impression that if we would be a benefit to the team and are serious about what we do or if that we’re just another casual person who has just applied to the place.

‘All the things that we mention in our CV and even the way we present it define you and your personality in a big manner.’

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Author: Sandeep lakwal




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