How is the Wonderlic Test Graded

Wonderlic Test

Wonderlic Test Graded?

Tests are conducted to judge a person’s intelligence and abilities. Taking up tests like the Wonderlic can double up the chances of getting the best of job offers!

Whether it is for a post of a bank clerk, hospital nurse, hotel manager or an IT officer; you can definitely enhance your chances to excel brilliantly in all types of job interviews by scoring high in the Wonderlic Tests.

Divided into four sections, these tests aim to test the cognitive, skill, behavioral and personality traits of an applicant in the shortest possible time span of 12 minutes.

Even if you are a first-time applicant, worry not! Believe it or not, it is actually possible to even score a full 50/50 in the Wonderlic Test right in the first attempt.

Here is all that is essential to know not just about the grading of the Wonderlic Test but the types of tests that are conducted along with their benefits.

Types of Wonderlic Tests:

  1.  To begin with, we have the most common Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test that helps to measure a person’s ability to adapt, understand instructions, learn and solve problems.
  1.  Second, in the list of basic Wonderlic Tests are the Wonderlic Skills Tests. These are a combination of assessments that help to measure a person’s skills in English, Maths, software knowledge, writing, perceptual and clerical ability. It includes numerical accuracy testing; the Hay Aptitude Test Battery which is a way to check a person’s mathematics handling skills with precision. Apart from these, there are some assessments to check whether a person is well trained in criminal justice and nursing activities or not.
  1. Besides, there is Five-Factor as well as Seven-Factor Personality Tests. These are meant to assess a person’s attitude and personality traits. Employers can judge whether a person will be fruitful for the company that mainly deals with tasks like sales, management, quick action solving and customer relations.

Benefits of the Wonderlic Test:

  1.  One of the key benefits of the Wonderlic Test is to judge a person’s aptitude, attitude, skills and personality traits.
  1.  These days many renowned companies, armed services, entry-level job providers and placement services are considering this unique IQ test to check the abilities and skills of their potential employees.
  1.   Another set of people who take the Wonderlic Test do so just to check their own IQ level so that they can enhance it in the best possible way before appearing for crucial job interviews.
  1.   At the same time, this test helps in measuring an applicant’s ability to solve problems in the quickest possible time because the time allotted for this test is only 12 minutes.
  1.  Large companies, in particular, prefer considering the Wonderlic Test for job applicants because it is only a matter of 12 minutes to select or reject a job applicant in a company that needs thousands of employees.
  1. In short, this quick test helps to identify the smartest people out of the crowd that applies for a job interview.

Grading of the Wonderlic Test:

  1.   The Wonderlic Test comprises of 50 questions and the applicant scores for each correct answer. For instance, if a person answers 40 questions correctly, he or she scores 40/50.
  1.   There is no fixed passing score for this test. The qualifying score is usually determined by the company or organization offering the job.
  1.   The higher the cut-off criterion for a job, the higher is the qualifying score for the Wonderlic Test.
  1.  20 out of 50 is considered to be an average score in this IQ test. However, the average score may also vary from profession to profession. For instance, 31 is considered to be an average score for a chemist, whereas 21 is decent enough for the post of a cashier.
  2.   Any person scoring between 10 and 20 out of 50 is tagged literate. Scoring 10 to 20 doesn’t mean that the person is not suitable for any job. On the other hand, it means that the person can be hired for less intellectually demanding jobs.
  3. It’s true that grading for this test is on the same pattern for everyone. However, as different professions need different abilities, the qualifying score may get equated depending on the type of job vacancy.

The Verdict

Internet today is full of sample tests that are quite similar to the Wonderlic Tests that can be tried anywhere and anytime before taking the actual test. So, what are you waiting for? Test your IQ and sharpen it if required with the help of the Wonderlic Tests to brighten up your career.



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