Activity-Based Learning

Activity-based learning

What is activity-based learning?

The process of learning the study material by means of action is Activity-based learning. Students require more than listening and taking notes, the essence of education will fully be understood by the students if they actively participate and experience what they learn through activities will create a better impact in the minds of the students.

It is a completely learner-centered approach. It is to be acknowledged that every student has his/her own pace of picking up and learning things. When activity based learning is introduced in a classroom the teacher can understand more about the students, especially their learning capacity and in what pace are they learning.

When a student explores and experiments learning as an independent individual through activity-based techniques. This way it equips the children with problem-solving skills, creativity, and analyzing things critically.

Means by which students can learn through activities:

  • Exploration – The students have to gather knowledge and acquire the necessary skills through active investigation.
  • Experimentation –It is the process of gathering knowledge through experience.
  • Expression – The students are encouraged to express their views through presentations.

Why activity-based learning? What are its benefits?

Besides encouraging students to enjoy their learning experience, activity-based learning has many benefits that include the following:


When students are encouraged to learn through activities they are physically and mentally involved in the process of learning which helps the students to learn and remember the information in their brains.

This becomes a personal experience and the students will definitely retain the study material no matter what.

Independent Investigation:

This way of learning focuses on the capability of independent investigation and analysis of the students.

Activity-based learning promotes the students to be independently inquisitive and also work as a team when asked to work on their own or in small groups. They will learn on their own and start to think critically.

MBA colleges in Coimbatore provide the students with a curriculum that helps to learn by doing. Since most of it is activity-based the students tend to pick up the fundamental at a fast pace. This will help the students in learning and acquire knowledge outside the educational environment.

Teamwork and solving real-life scenarios:

When students work as a team or in a group they develop the social skills and build on their teamwork which will later help in their work and social life after education.

It is important to understand that when students are asked to learn and read big textbooks they tend to move away from the learning process unknowingly. On the other hand, if they are involved there will always be a personal touch and understand the relevance of learning material and reflect in their real-life.

This will ultimately help in exploring and solving real problems and scenarios. Especially the students of B.Arch course prefer learning through activity-based since most of it is designs and architecture. The future architects need to work on creativity and activity-based learning comes in handy.

To Conclude:

Activity-based learning encouraged the students to be creative in every possible way. Their learning method and process tend to upgrade once they get used to activity-based learning and understand its intensity and the impact that it has created.

They will be more expressive in life. When a teacher facilitates this method the students tend to show interest to be the problem solver by experiencing and learning it through their actions.

Activity-based learning is effective in all the courses and provides the opportunity for the students to learn inter-disciplinary. The teacher should plan accordingly because it involved the teacher’s creativity as well.



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