Recruitment Optimisation Series (Part 3): Onboarding

On-boarding candidates

Now is the time to fructify all efforts. The candidate has accepted the offer and shared the signed copy with you. If the relieving with the current firm is within a short duration, quite helpful for the onboarding process.

Else you should be ready to be proactive for the entire duration of serving the notice period and break-time if there.

You should be in know about the candidate’s resigning, an official response from the management and relieving day finalization. The candidate can forward you the relevant threads for the proof. In the case of an unexpected response from the current firm, a more calculated approach is required.

You should encourage the candidate to take it up with the higher management if possible. Multiple rounds of discussion can also help to find a breakthrough in onboarding.

In the worst case, its time to get back to the thinking chamber to evaluate all possibilities.

During a structure and efficient recruitment process, a candidate leaves enough cues to determine his/her passion for the role and the company.

If you find it solid, just wait out for the candidate even at the risk of the delayed product launch or service deliveries. Some gaps can be filled via short-term freelancing assignments. But to let go of a motivated person is not advisable.

If you panic, rescind your offer and go after the next best candidate, there is no guarantee of onboarding that candidate successfully, unless the candidate is willing to relocate and/or join immediately.

It is also a practice now for few candidates to go shopping with your offer letter in hand to other employers, use it as a negotiation tool or getting a raise at the current firm with it’s help.

There is no exact way around it. There are psychometric tests which claim to measure a candidate’s personality in regard to ethics, integrity and but their usability is limited in scope.

The frequency of past job switches and background research from past employers/colleges are some good parameters to estimate the chances of a hired to turn into the joiner.

It’s important that an offered person should see himself/herself as an important part of the firm. The more connection they would feel, the better success rates for onboarding.

As an HR, it’s vital for you to not be prejudiced by past candidates’ behavior. There would have been candidates backing out at last moments, keeping you in dark and leveraging your confidential job offer for persona gains; but you need to judge each candidate with a fresh perspective.

So in the end, it’s all about how much you are able to share and imbibe your vision in the candidate, all the while providing a good sense of return.

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Happy Onboarding!

Vivek Jain


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