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Interviews are a tricky and mysterious process; when you thought you aced it, you didn’t even qualify for the further round!

And sometimes, showing up unprepared in an interview, not knowing answers to some of the most fundamental questions still landed you the job.

Interviews make a lot of people anxious, especially if it’s an important one or if you badly want that job.

They can last for minutes to several hours, I myself have been in interviews that lasted from 2 minutes to 3 hours, and the irony is 2-minute one got me selected while I still wasn’t hired after that 3-hour long interview.

However, you’re are more likely to succeed in an interview by your wit than just your academic or technical knowledge.

Here are two responses, taken from Quora, who shared their shortest interview stories and they’re quirky as well.


2 SECONDS. Yeah, you heard it right. Here’s the story.

It was in June 2016; I got an interview call from a startup for the role of Marketing Intern. Their office was like 35 km away from the city, and so the only means of commutation was a cab or rare bus services from the city. So I reached the office at the mentioned time and was told to wait in a hall with around 40–50 candidates.

Soon an HR came and gave a brief description of the job and told that the interview would be starting in 10 minutes.

At this time, I was shocked. Because the opening is for Inside Sales and Field Marketing positions, while my experience was totally based on Digital Marketing and also I mentioned it clearly in my resume which I had shared earlier. I didn’t even have the slightest idea of the requirements the HR guy was suggesting.

So around 5–10 were like confused like me, and they were like asking others to help them with the concepts. There were also few IIM grads who offered us help.

So I decided to leave the place without any trace and checked Ola and Uber apps for cabs. No cabs were available.

There was a guy in his 40’s sitting beside us, in casual attire and wearing a cap with some CCTV company name in it. I assumed he would know the bus timings as he might be commuting here often. So I went to him and pulled a chair next to him and asked a series of questions like,

“How far is this place from CMBT?

What’s the frequency of buses?

Why aren’t sufficient cabs available?

What is the easiest mode of commutation?”

So he answered all my questions, and I thanked him and stood up to leave the place.

“Rakesh. You’re next.” HR guy came and called me for the interview. Shit. Get ready to get humiliated. I said to myself and went inside.

Saw a panel of 3 members with two pretty HR girls of my age. OK. Shit is going to get a lot worse.

So to avoid any more situations, I started like,” Sorry. I wrong…”

The main HR guy stopped me in the middle and said, “We would like to offer you a full-time opening. When can you join us?”

I was like totally stunned and unaware of what’s happening. So he explained, “While everyone outside was preparing for notes and theory, you were the person who showed interest in commutation terms, which is essential for Field marketing and sales. We are interested in someone like you.

And the person you were asking questions, is none other than our Founder.”

Yeah basically I got hired in 2 seconds and if I had taken the offer, might have got fired in 1 second.



It was August of 2011, I was in my 7th semester and placement season was going on. My average was 57.57%, and I was not allowed to sit for Infosys, their cut-off being 58%. Next up was Accenture and they brought down the threshold to 55%, and I was eligible.

I am an electronics engineer with KT/backlog in C++ in the first semester. I scored 40/100 in Java in the second semester. This is enough to explain my prowess in coding. If coding was batting, I was Ashish Nehra.

I cleared my aptitude test with the flying colors, but still, I stood no chance for software giants like Accenture. I went nervously for interview making my way through an array of nervous candidates studying for technical round.

I was seated with three other people. Next to me was one of the toppers of my class. She went in and came out with moist eyes. Following was the conversation:

Me: What happened, X(let’s call her X)?

X: I flunked.

Me: What did an interviewer ask?

X: What is your favorite C++ program. I said ( some complex matrices arithmetic code.) She told me to write that, and I made a small mistake in logic part. I am out. (More sobbing.)

Me to myself: Dude, you don’t stand a chance. Just go in and come out.

I went in next to face one very strict looking lady waiting for me. Let’s call her “Y.”


*After cold formalities.*


Y: Well, let’s get down to some technical coding. What is your favorite C++ program?

*starts drawing blank sheet from a pile for me to write.*

Me: Addition program.

Y: (Aghast). What? That is like the simplest program ever. Even an eleven-year-old can write it.

Me: That is why it is my favorite program. Simplicity appeals me. Also, it was a first program which I actually coded and compiled successfully. Hence, favorite.

She gradually put the paper back in.

Y: (With a smirk.) Go inside for the HR round.

*90 seconds flat.*

P.S. I wasn’t even confident about an addition program



*We’ve kept the answers same just corrected any grammatical or spelling mistakes to improve the readability of the answer.

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