Working with EY – Q&A with Gagandeep Kang

Working-with-EY Being one of the big four accounting firms EY (Ernst & Young) is a notably familiar name in the service industry. 

However, EY does not refer to a single entity but a number of member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited.

EY serves several industries such as Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Products & Retail, Financial Services, Government & Public Sector, Health, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Mining & Metals, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Private Equity, Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction, Technology, Telecommunications. The major services lines of EY are Advisory, Assurance, Tax, Transactions, apart from these they offer some specialty services as well.

Being a global organization with a presence in over 150 countries and more than 2,60,000 employees, EY attracts many aspirants from all backgrounds to build a career with the organization.

Apart from the global opportunities, what makes EY a transforming experience? Let’s get some insights about Ernst & Young LLP, from Gagandeep Kang who has worked for over four and a half years with the organization in the Government Public Services team.


What is it like to work at EY?

Working at EY is a delightful experience, as it is a global organization you encounter a number of opportunities to work with great individuals.

If I could describe it in one word; I’d say “diverse”. You get a chance to work at various locations with people from varied cultures, backgrounds or experiences. You might work on a project in West India and another in the East with people from possibly all the parts of India.

Such diversity provides you with a ton of knowledge, which aids your intellectual and professional growth.

Another thing that I find distinctive about working at EY is irrespective of your position; your opinion is valued.

How can one make their career at EY?

There are four main services lines of EY;

  • Advisory: which helps achieve improvements and manage risks for organizations.
  • Assurance: which helps with the validity of crucial business data.
  • Tax: helps clients with international tax strategies.
  • Transaction Advisory: helps with trade and mergers.

A person first needs to pick their service line, and industries EY caters to and apply accordingly to any open position through website or job portals. You can find a lot of detailed insights from applying to interview tips on their website.

EY provides a lot of different opportunities to mold your career the way to want to. They offer a number of learning opportunities from coaching to experiences that’ll help you develop and excel in your field.

Reward and recognition are prominent features of life here too as EY recognizes high performers in the team and helps them grow faster in the system.

If you do the work that is required for the day and in an ethical manner, then you will get promoted in the usual timeline that is every three years. If you’re an exceptional performer, then you can get promoted faster.

What are the degrees EY hire from?

EY hires people with all sorts of degrees. In my teams earlier I have worked with people from different fields, from law to engineering to business.

Degrees are a constraint only when the requirement of the project specifies a person to have a particular degree.

What is the interview process like?

The interview process depends on what service line you getting hired into and at what position. Usually, there is an HR round and then partner round. If you are getting hired for an on-site client location, then a client interview round could also be there.

In the interview, you need to describe the work you have done in previous organizations with examples where you have added value or done something differently. You can break down your marketing, administration, sales, technical, training work on different projects. That will help you to showcase the kind of work you have done in the industry at a much deeper level.

EY will interview you over the phone or at one of their offices. EY may also ask you to submit a written assessment, either online or at a testing center. The specific form and content will depend on the service line and role to which you apply, as different roles need different skills.

What’s the best thing about working with EY?

Entrepreneurship: As I was always interested in working with entrepreneurs from around the world, who have great notions and the urge to make them a reality.

EY gives full responsibility to the team to manage their project, unlike other organizations. You have complete autonomy for the project assigned to you.

You will feel that you are a part of a global organization. You might get emails from people in different countries asking for your expertise on a subject. Which makes you feel that you are part of a much bigger group of people.

We hope you found these responses insightful. If you have any queries about EY and working with EY, let us know in the comments below or through our social media channels.

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