Why you should take a remote job?


Remote jobs have been in the market for a long time, but what has changed is the job options available for the remote work. Earlier limited only to a few professions due to lack of collaborating options, is now a whole new segment of the workplace.

Thanks to the ever-evolving team management tools, which have enabled people to work remotely with much greater efficiency, leading to happy employees and happier organizations.

When every second thing is getting virtualized, workplaces couldn’t have been left behind any longer.

While it saves companies cost of allocating resources, employees have also reported improved productivity and quality of life by availing remote work options.

Here are some benefits of working remotely;


Most companies along with remote job provide flexible work timings so you can start working according to your preferences and plan your day.

If you experience your highest productivity in the early hours of the day when most offices are closed; flexibility in work will allow you to start and end your day early. Imagine the amount of time you’ll be left with.

Or if you feel cloudy after lunch or have impeded productivity, working remotely will allow you to take longer breaks and return to work with more energy and focus.

Work from home jobs relieves you from the lethal routine of 9 to 5.

No commute

Most of you would agree that one of the most frustrating parts of work, isn’t work but rather the commute.

The reason we all seek accommodation near an office is to shorten this journey as much as possible, or would have turned down an excellent opportunity just because of the distance from your residence.

As not all good organization are located in your vicinity, and relocation is not always the option, so you’ll have to travel for hours to get to work from one end of the city to another, making your work hours way longer than what’s on paper.

And if you travel through your vehicle, the unreasonable amount of time in finding a parking spot must also be added.

Imagine not having to deal with the traffic and the honking fleet of vehicles or not getting rejected by multiple cab drivers before finding one who’s willing to give you a ride when you’re already getting late. Sounds Incredible! At least to me.

And if you’re working in a metro, there’s nothing you would loathe more than commuting at the pace of a snail.

So saving your time, money and peace while working in your comfort zone is the ultimate benefit of working from home.

Freedom to travel

Remember how your boss starts missing you only after two days of starting your vacation. While regular jobs bound us to a city even if we don’t like it, remote jobs allow you to not only work from home but work from another town, state or country.

So either you work from your home or a beach in Goa, you’re getting paid, and there’s no hurry to go back.

Your office, your rules

Most offices have strict rules which are often hard to abide by; remotes jobs provide you complete independence to do things your way, but make sure you’re working.

Loud music, no music, dim lights, halogen lights, no food on the table or working in the kitchen; remote jobs provide complete freedom to work the way you want.

Especially if you’re someone with health issues, it will be transformational for you. If you have diabetes, and needs to eat frequently, or have chronic gastric problems which get worse by sitting at the office for long hours you’ll find yourself in great relieve.

If your health doesn’t allow you to work from an office chair for eight long hours, you don’t have to. Work from your bed, couch, kitchen counter or garden. And no one will judge you.

Saving money

From commuting to having lunch at work, the daily costs involved would look exorbitant when summed up — and adding all those expensive set of formals, bags, lunch boxes, makeup [obviously if you’re a girl] the bucks spent will grow exponentially.

Working from home saves you all these costs; all you have to do is sit down with your computer, no need to spend time getting dressed or grooming yourself.

More productivity

Opposed to the popular belief that working from home is counterproductive, it’s, in fact, more productive than working at a company office; at home, you don’t encounter noises and disturbances usually encountered at offices, allowing you to concentrate better and get more done than you do at the office. 

Remote jobs help you save a lot of time, money, energy. You’ll also be eating healthier, working in a more comfortable environment and getting work done without any distractions.

There’re many giants like; Apple, Dell, AmericanExpress, Amazon who provide work from home job options to their employees.

Crossover for Work in remote job space

HireTale is an official partner to Crossover for work, which helps companies to get the best talent from around the world, supported by their remote team management tool.

They not only build global remote teams but they also work remotely from around the globe.

Some open remote jobs;
Software Engineer, 
Product Support Manager, Customer Support Manager, Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Explore other jobs

So the next time you make a switch, consider a remote job for a better work-life balance.

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya is a Content Strategist with HireTale. She loves to read, write and eat.

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