An Insight into Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to the advertising done through digital channels such as search engines, social media, web sites, mobile apps, and email.

With the boom of the internet, it is one of the hottest jobs right now. It  is a way to connect with current and prospective customers digitally. If you aspire to explore career opportunities in this field, then this blog will act as a guide for you.

Digital Marketing is not an alien thing, but simply, Marketing done digitally. Marketing is to make the right offer to the right audience at the right time and the right place. Nowadays, people are most of the time online using various channels of social media, staying updated on blogs and news sites, and browsing things online. So, the best way to target such an audience for products and services is through Digital Marketing. In this way, the prospects can see your product, learn about it, and can ask questions about it or express interest to use it.

Why Digital Marketing?

Why should you go for Digital Marketing? The answer to this will be that you can also get to show your creativity in this job. You would be able to dig deep into your imagination and come up with innovative ideas to create content that can go viral and at the same time, should be relevant to your company’s goals. This job is in good demand, and you could choose for various job profiles based on your interest and skills. Many digital marketers work as freelancers or work from home as their potential clients; many of them can be online 24*7 and may need their assistance.

It is not necessary that you need a formal degree to start your career in Digital Marketing. If you’re interested and are a good learner, you can begin. Also, there are many popular courses that can help to brush your skills:

How does Digital Marketing work?

As Digital Marketing is designed to reach today’s customers, it has surpassed traditional marketing in many ways. An online presence is essential regardless of what you sell.

Earlier, when a person has to buy something, it used to be a hassled process. He/She would have to personally visit a few stores to know about the quality and price or take advice from family and friends. It was a process that took days before buying anything. Now, everything is just instant; you just have to come online to see the best options available at the best price. And that’s where digital marketing comes handy to attract customers at the consideration stage of their buying cycle.


For example, if you recall anything you purchased recently at home, changed paper supplies at office, hired someone to fix your roof. Regardless of what you needed you would have started by searching online for available options, providers, and the best options which along with creating opportunities for businesses also creates healthy competition on the global scale.

Today people greatly rely on online reviews, can compare the products and services with a few clicks, which make it important for businesses to market themselves digitally in this world wide web market. So, there is a great scope for Digital Marketers to leave a big impact on their online customers. They also understood the reach and importance of online presence.  

Techniques and Career Opportunities available in the Digital Marketing Industry

The world is getting more digital day by day, and every business wants its digital presence. This growth increases the number of opportunities in digital marketing. Digital Marketing gives you the freedom and platform to show your creativity and innovation, as you can freely use your imagination and skills.

You don’t have to mug up anything to make a career in the field. If you are good at writing, content marketing can be an option for you. Digital Marketing can be further sub-categorized as content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search results, web banner ads, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, text marketing, social media advertising, social media management, etc. and it is still evolving

Content Marketing:

This involves the creation and promotion of content for generating brand awareness, growing traffic, and generation of leads. There can be various tools in Content Marketing, such as blogs, E-Books, whitepapers, infographics, etc.

  • Blogs: Writing and publishing blog posts help to explain and display your company’s assets, and it also drives organic traffic on the website. This medium allows converting website visitors to leads for sales. It is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. If the blog is answering the queries and doubts of the readers and relating to it and is of use to them, then it also helps to establish authority upon readers. Blogs also drive long-term results.
  • E-Books and whitepapers: The long form of text like E-Books and whitepapers are also helpful in generating leads for sales. It is useful in B2B as well as B2C marketing. In order to get insightful deep content, contact details have to be provided to websites.
  • Infographics: Infographic is a form of visual content by which readers can visualize a concept on a website/project/statistics and get to learn from it rather than reading the text. It is a more attractive channel of content marketing.
  • Articles: With the help of articles, the company can share company news, product announcements, and other stories that need to be broadcast in the market. It helps in driving the targeted traffic that is interested in reading these articles.
  • Case studies: Companies use case studies to show customer experiences, what was the problem before, how their product and services had been implemented, and how change has been successfully achieved. It creatively builds brand awareness.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts are an effective way to reach customers at any time of the day. This is an entertaining way to reach customers through audio and is distributed through outlets such as iTunes, Google Play, etc. Nowadays, people are quite often listening to podcasts, so it is a great medium to reach custom.
  • Videos and Presentations: For the purpose of marketing, videos and presentations are great for showing product demos, case studies, customer testimonials, event pre-promotion, office culture, team, service overviews, product ads, entertainment and lot more. These keep the customers engaged.

If you enjoy writing and are capable enough to come up with creative content on a regular basis that can increase engagement for your business, then you can think of making a career in this field as Content Marketer. Content Marketing can be a great strategy for the online presence of a brand.

Content is just not limited to text but other forms such as video, graphics, etc. They have to optimize the content well through SEO tools to increase digital visibility.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

SEO is a technique by which you can generate more traffic on the website by optimizing it using SEO practices to rank higher in search engine results. The goal is to attract more visitors to the website when they search for products, services, or information related to your business. SEO might be one of the best practices for higher visibility and driving organic traffic. For the website to be ranked top, the content has to be well managed, relatable to the customers, engaging, unique and presented through the easy-to-use website. Targeted keywords are researched and a backlink is created from a page or website to the website which has to gain views.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Executives are responsible for generating traffic on the website, build a reputation, and business improvement, they need to improve rankings in search engine result pages. They carry out detailed keyword research on the basis of the latest keyword strategies, make site search friendly, apply SEO techniques, etc. They use Google Analytics to compile performance reports regularly and also assist the content team to create informative and high-quality SEO content.

Social Media Marketing:

With the help of Social Media Marketing, you can promote your brand and content on social media channels to create brand awareness and engage with the target audience. Some channels are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social Media Marketer is not just about being on Facebook and LinkedIn all day. They should have in-depth knowledge about all major social media platforms, analytics, the latest social media trends and can strategize accordingly. They also have to coordinate with the content development team and others to improve the brand’s presence on social media channels.

Pay Per Click/View (PPC):

PPC is a way of driving traffic to your website by paying the publisher every time your ad gets clicked. One of the common types is Google Ads, where you can pay for top slots on Google search engine pages. Google Ads is an online advertising platform, developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display ads, product listings, video content, service offerings, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network. Other channels that use PPC are :  

  • Paid ads on Facebook: Users pay to sponsor an image, video post, or slideshow, which will get promoted across Facebook to be visible in the feeds of the targeted audience.
  • Twitter Ads campaign: Users pay to place a series of profile badges or posts to the news feeds of your business’s audience to accomplish a particular goal for your business. This goal can be website traffic, tweet engagement, more Twitter followers, or even app downloads.
  • Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn: Users can pay to send InMail messages directly to specific users that can benefit your business.
  • Sponsored Ads on LinkedIn: Users can pay to get their ads to appear on the LinkedIn feeds of the professional you want to target.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is an exciting way of communicating with your business’s audience. It is one of the most conventional forms of Marketing.  By email, you can promote your content, discounts, and events related to your business. The types of emails you can send in email marketing can include customer welcome emails, follow-up emails to customers who downloaded something, blog, subscription newsletters, holiday promotions to loyal customers, etc. It provides the highest and is used in later stages of the marketing funnel.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is performance-based advertising in which you can receive a commission for promoting someone else’s products or services on your website. Examples will be hosting video ads through the Youtube Partner Program, posting affiliate links in your social media accounts or websites.

Digital Marketing

If someone is good in all the above mentioned, he/she can be Digital Marketing Manager. They are responsible for implementing marketing campaigns, building and maintaining an online presence and implementing analytical reports. They will also have knowledge about all the above-mentioned techniques of Digital Marketing.

The demand for Digital Marketers is very high, and it will keep growing in the upcoming years, so this is an excellent opportunity to shape your career in this field.

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