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Bangalore also known as Bengaluru – a city with pleasant weather, umpteen pubs, and innumerable jobs.

Situated in an area of 2196 km sq, and accommodating around 96.2 lakh people, Bangalore is the third most populous city in the country.

Apart from being a welcoming garden city, it’s a dominant contributor to Karnataka’s economy, with a whopping contribution of 87% from its global IT industry.

A conversation about the future of Indian IT and start-ups will never be complete without mentioning the city, or the chances are that you’ll start with Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.

As the city has contributed so much to the development of IT infrastructure in the country, all major IT employers in the country are situated in the vicinity of the city.

Besides, almost all major IT companies or start-ups emerged from India either started here or later moved to the city. Bangalore is not just a preference of national tech market; but for international as well, as most MNCs who establish their offices in India pick the city due to the vast talent pool already available here.

Bangalore is home to 2.5 million IT professionals and over 212 major software companies, It creates around 22% of the IT jobs in India. That’s twice the NCR region which stands second with its contribution of 11%.

Furthermore, Bangalore not only creates jobs in the IT industry, it produces talent as well, as some of the most prestigious institutes of India dwell in the city itself; the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, the National Law School (NLSIU), the Indian Institute of Theoretical Sciences are just a few names to state. The city is popular for the outstanding educational opportunities it provides.

But what creates the Hub of IT jobs in Bangalore?

The rise of the silicon valley of India

Originated around 1978, with the Chairman and the Managing director of Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation at that time – R. K. Baliga’s idea to put the foundation of an electronic park 18-20 km away from the city, presently known as Electronic City.

Followed by the advent of a giant like Texas Instruments in 1985 which attracted other offshore companies to establish their offices in the city.

And ever since the dotcom boom, there has been the establishment of organizations like; Infosys and Wipro, outsourcing of y2k bug contracts to the city, and the state government’s investments in the city.

All these events helped in molding the old colonial post into the outsourcing capital of the world, with its IT exports ranging in hundreds of billions today.

Talking about the early tech start-ups of the ’90s like Infosys, Mindtree and Wipro are multi-million companies now, with a mark on a global scale with business spread across over 100 countries.

But the story doesn’t end there; the city has witnessed the most successful start-ups emerging from its streets, and the trend continues. The reason it being called as the start-up capital of India as well.

Due to a savvy customer base, a culture of networking, technological advancements, and everything needed available at the reach of hands; a start-up emerges in the city every day.

One of the prominent name being Flipkart, which a while back got acquired by the Walmart in a $16 billion deal.

Ola Cabs; though started in Mumbai, later moved their headquarters to Bengaluru. The company currently values around $6.2 billion.

Swiggy; India’s fastest growing unicorn, started with a few restaurants in Bengaluru. Today holds the largest share in Indian food tech.

Another renown names in the franchise are; Myntra, BigBasket, Jabong, Quikr, InMobi, Commonfloor, Zoomcar, Practo, Razorpay and so on.

As said earlier, Bangalore is not just a favorite for national organizations, but also a preferred location when it comes to multinational organizations setting up their offices in India. Organizations like; Accenture, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, HCL, Dell, HP, EY, Deloitte, Nokia, Intel, Huawei, Cisco are just a few names.

Organizations like Google, Walmart, IBM & Samsung have their R&D centers established in Bangalore, because of the talent pool in the city, which is bringing India on the map as a significant country for R&D.

And that’s still not all about the city’s IT industry, apart from hosting more than 30 notable MNCs. As an outsourcing capital – Bangalore gets a massive amount of IT-work outsourced to it from organizations globally, putting it on not only India’s map as a place for the tech-savvy workforce but the world’s.

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It’s an equilibrium of talent and promising jobs in the city which attracts the other.

All the above factors combined create a great set of opportunities and a greater set of jobs in Bangalore, which no other city in the country offers.

As per a PwC study, 45% of Bangalore’s population consists of immigrants from other states. People move to the city from all over the country to get the job of their dreams.

As considering the cosmopolitan environment, the average cost of living in the city is high and higher are the pay cheques offered to the employees compared to any other city.

Being home to hundreds of IT companies, global organizations understand the costs of attracting the best talent and hence offers exceptional perks and work culture, which is another factor that drives people to the city.

Due to the community of global engineers and techies working on global projects, the most cutting edge technology jobs are available in the city, which is an enticing factor for top talent in the county looking to work on new and challenging technologies.

World class technoparks, top MNCs, cutting edge technology jobs and a never-ending pool of opportunities is all that jobs in Bangalore are all about.

That’s the journey of the city creating most jobs in the country from a serene old town to a cosmopolitan city and techie’s paradise.

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