Controlling and Managing Stress during a Job Search


To feel stressed is very common when you are looking for a job- whether it is after completing your studies or for a job change. Stress is not always bad, sometimes a little bit of stress can help you to stay focused, energetic and to meet new challenges in life which give positive vibes in your mind.

Stress can remove the ability to concentrate and process complex thoughts. It can make difficult to find motivation during a job search, which creates negative energy. Stress can impact both physical and mental health. It can lead to negative effects on a career. For most people, career is something which is related to their identity, so they feel like searching for a job is like searching for their piece of identity.

 Why job searches are so stressful? 

Stress sometimes comes from a lack of confidence which often comes from a lack of practice of the individuals. Practice makes perfect, so to become a productive job seeker you have to practice more. It mostly occurs when job seekers receive no feedback on an invitation to interview for the position you applied.

Stress increases the anxiety among the people and they might be overwhelmed. And if you’re looking to change career, it might be worse.

Lack of control during the recruitment process is another cause. The consistent rejection leads to pessimistic thinking, people start thinking about past failures and it creates negative thoughts and feelings in the minds of people.

Sometimes, chronic stress causes depression, as it is long term stress. It affects the normal living conditions of the people.

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it

How to handle stress during a Job Search?

Planning and Persistence

Create a long term plan according to the job search goal. Creating boundaries and structure for the job search helps to think positively. A proper structure to search for a job creates a positive sense that you are capable of finding a new job.

The more organized you are, the less anxiety you will feel.  So, get organized and stay focused. Always remain consistent in your efforts to pursue opportunities and do your best.

Accept rejection as a positive opportunity

Don’t panic in every rejection. You are not going to get every job which you have applied. Don’t take rejection as negative, but rather a learning lesson for the future. Manage your feelings, so that you will be happy, energetic and more focused. Negativity can destroy even the most qualified job candidates.

Take this as an opportunity to judge yourself as-

Why you are applying for this company?

What is your real interest?

Why you are applying for a particular position only?

Your skill for the job.

“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything”

What unique in your resume that catches the attention of a recruiter?

Exercise Daily

It is a great way to release stress caused during a job search. Doing exercise helps in burning out the stress and to be active. It enables positivity in your mind.

It keeps the body active and fit in both ways, physically and mentally.

It creates a positive distraction from your worries.

Follow a consistent schedule of exercise and try it to do in the early morning.

Do some muscle relaxation exercises because stress causes the muscles to tighten and become tense.

Don’t compare yourself to others

As it is the time of struggle with your thoughts on what your future career will be. Don’t think about your friends that “he got a job in Google” or “she got a job in Deloitte”; as it increases the feelings of stress.

If you want to stop comparing yourself to others, then simply reduce the intake of social media.

“I have no stress, because I am the best”


Start networking with the right people. Invest your time and energy in searching for people who work in the areas you are looking at like recruiters, hiring managers and employees. Use professional online platforms to build connection and network your way to success.

Get more sleep

One of the significant causes of stress is lack of sleep. Stress can distract your sleep as thoughts keep coming into your mind and stop you from relaxing. Avoid thinking much before going to sleep.

It is very important to manage the stress as searching for a job is a stressful proposition. It increases anxiety and the aspirant can become overwhelmed. If you manage stress management techniques then it can make your life happier, healthier and more productive. Do some fun exercises; relaxation techniques to balance your life and to meet the challenges.

Avoid negative thinking to reduce the power of stress on your mind. Focus on your goals and maintain the balance of your life.

“Believe in your ability to reduce your own stress”

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