Why do we need to make every manager a great coach?


Managers should be like coaches, not bosses.

A manager’s job is essential in the organization as it administers and coordinates resources effectively and efficiently to boost up their energy towards the successful accomplishment of the goals of the organization. Managers expertise is essential across every department throughout the organization. They are the primary force that helps in the growth and expansion of the organization.

A manager is a planner, coordinator, decision-maker, producer, and marketer. They are capable of performing their work at different levels. A manager has to perform various essential functions for running an organization like planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling for achieving the objectives of the business. For every organization, a plan is required for setting goals and establishing strategies for coordinating activities.

A manager says, “GO.”

A coach says, “LET’S GO.”

  • Every successful manager is a great leader, and a great leader must have the ability to coach others. The most efficient way for managers to lead is collaboration and coaching the employees. If managers become skilled at coaching their employees, then they will be able to achieve sustainable long-term positive results for their organization.
  • For the success of any business, there is a need for effective management. Management skills include listening, empowering, and coaching, which helps in improving the performance of entire teams. Coaching is all about connecting with employees, inspiring them to do their best and helps them to grow.
  • Managers should guide and empower the employees rather than just telling them what to do. Coaching managers establish a caring, positive, and personal relationship with every team member or employee. The coaching of employees means helping them to learn different aspects of an organization.
  • Managers should be accessible, approachable, and supportive. They must share and exchange information with the employees. Good managers must provide regular and constructive feedback to the employees and also encourage them for the work. 
  • Managers should be open to input from employees and learn from them. They should work in partnership with their teams for growth and achieve the organization’s objectives. Managers can become great coaches, and it enhances the productivity of the organization. This culture is the best practice that is highly correlated with business performance, employee engagement, and overall retention.

“If your actions inspire other employees to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, You are a leader.”

                                                                                                                   John Quincy Adams

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How a manager can become a great coach of employees?

Managers can become an effective coach to empower employees by focusing on their strengths and fostering autonomy.

A manager creates fear; a coach builds confidence.

A manager fixes blame; a coach corrects mistakes.

A manager knows all; a coach asks questions.

  • Keep in believing that every employee can grow and improve- A manager should believe in an employee ability. If they don’t believe in it sincerely, then they can’t coach an employee. Coaching someone out of a job helps the employee to understand their interest, and it allows them to be more successful.
  • Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of every team member better – A manager should be aware of the strengths and areas for improvement of their team members in a more profound way by just observing them and evaluating their performances. This awareness and knowledge may help the manager to assign jobs, identify potential, and prepare the team more effectively towards a long- term vision. This knowledge helps in strategically aligning the team in a way that fills the gap, and it can empower them to take ownership and solve problems under the guidance. It makes employees focused on working together as a high- performing team, i.e., solution-oriented and goal-oriented.
  • Learning from the team members-  A manager is not only expected to give advice or solutions to the challenge faced by a team member but should also help the team members in discovering a solution to the challenges on their own. It happens many a time that the team members come up with an out of the box or unconventional solution that the manager has never thought of. This becomes a direct learning experience for the manager. So the manager should always be keen on learning from their team members or anyone else.
  • Building a stronger relationship with team members-  When there is a good relationship with the team members, then work is more enjoyable. Team members become more innovative and creative. A good and healthy relationship with the team members can be obtained by building trust, mutual respect, mindfulness, welcoming diversity, and open communication. Positivity helps in strengthening the relationship with the team members. No one in the organization wants to be around someone negative all the time. 

Appreciation is an essential factor that helps in making a good relationship with the team members. Everyone in the organization, from the boss to the office cleaner, wants to be appreciated for their work. So, this will help in opening the door to great work relationships.

“Be a leader, not a boss.”

  • Give employees regular, frequent feedback, and create a culture of team feedback- Provide regular feedback to employees as per their performance. As it helps the employees to view their performance, what they are doing well and in which area they need to improve. Regular feedback periods include one-on-one meetings and sessions.

Feedback should not just come from the manager or team leader but through the teams also. A culture should be built to encourage the employee to provide feedback to each member of the team. 

“A  Great Manager is not a person who can do the work better than his employees; he is a person who can get his employees to do the work better than he can.”

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