Is Marketing in Education Possible?

Marketing in Education


Many modern methods of education had evolved in the past few years. Online Education like Udemy, learning applications like Byju’s App and Competitive Exams like Olympiad Exams gained popularity in this decade. All these are happening due to the impact of Education Marketing. Marketing is so powerful that it’s substituting conventional education system with modern digitised education. 

Marketing in education had proved to give good results as it is very easier to build up the trust with customers by giving the information they need regarding education. The best marketing strategy is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and answer to their what and what next questions. As an instance, once you provide education details, you can go ahead with the details of Scholarship exams for the School Olympiads like NSO, NCO, IMO etc.

Marketing Through Education:

Through education, marketing had found its own way to have a stronghold on the minds of customers reaching their hearts with a shatterproof trust they establish. You get money for the old rope with education marketing by giving free information and inviting them to the events you conduct or directing to your apps, websites, blogs, etc. But you have to be very careful not to launch any form of sales which will put off the customer. A strong bond can be built by giving relevant information and details according to the needs and expectations of your potential customer. Regular contact should be established by giving free counselling through phone calls, emails, Whatsapp etc. Proper content marketing with value-added content depending on the interests of the customers is a very good strategy of marketing.

Marketing for Education:

The Super Bowl is an annual championship game and has one of the largest audiences of America. Surveys show that there were 100 times more viewers for Super Bowl commercials than those who viewed the actual game. Educational Institutions realised no more the billboards or newspaper ads would attract the customers. Most institutions got e-learning platforms or distance learning program to secure their brand. The trust factor is what the educational institutions try to establish with the applicants because they very well aware people don’t turn up if they don’t trust. Word of mouth is considered to be the best mode of trust ad of an institution is replaced with digital marketing having proper content and reviews about the institution as it targets a large group of people. It also paves the way to have one to one discussion with the existing and passed out students of the particular institution. And it proved to be the best and efficient way of marketing to have a brand identity and prospectus. 

Marketing Education:

It’s very important to keep the emerging online modes of education viz learning apps or e-learning websites updated with new technologies and trends and also to employ professionals with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. When you want to make money with your online course, the first most important thing is to identify the target audience and to influence them with a proper preview of the online course. Also, have a proper feedback session and reviews and most importantly, the queries session to keep updated and to let your customers feel that you are always around.


In today’s world, information is what people crave for. Marketing plays a very important role to buy and sell information. Marketing established its firm hand in the field of education in a slow and steady mode. It paves the way when a customer intends to get model question papers of a competitive exam like Olympiad or to get details of the School Olympiad exam and for the preparation tips. Marketing in education is done by, for and of education.

Author- Sushant Kumar


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