How to choose a career which suits you best

How to choose a career which suits you best

When it comes to deciding on the right career path, you should focus on what is important to you. While some people are fortunate to know what are their aims, how to achieve it and end up in achieving their desired goal smoothly, but most of us are not.

Many people don’t put enough effort into choosing the right job or pick them for the wrong reasons. Maybe they want careers that seem secure or pay well, then end up unhappy. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen to you is to create a well–thought -out decision.

Before choosing your career path, you must first get in touch with your 4 P’s – passion, personality, preferences and principles.


Putting your love for working will make you look at life with a renewed sense of purpose.

  • Firstly discover your passion, the skills you enjoy most.
  • Determine its demand.
  • Make a detailed plan that you need to take to make your passion a realistic career opportunity.
  • Become expertise in your skill.
  • Explore career opportunities accordingly. 


Every career has a built-in personality type that is best suited to be happy and prosperous in it. Knowing your personality type will help you narrow down the choices and enables you to focus on your career that best meshes with your personality. For example, sales require a personality that loves people, enjoy talking or interacting with people . if you are an introvert, you are not going to enjoy this job. 


Making career choices on your suitability and basis on work culture, organizational size and reputation, integrity, work-life flexibility and work environment which fascinates you. Do the self-assessment what works for you, what actually you need and at what environment or field you are more productive and then proceed further to make decisions. 


An alignment between your career and your core values produces satisfaction, a sense of happiness and fulfilment. Your values contribute to the sense of purpose and are guides to what fits you best.

  • Intrinsic values are the values that motivate you and help you feel fulfilled, like giving back to society.
  • Extrinsic values relate to the tangible rewards derived from your career and your work environment, like working as part of a team and providing influence.
  • Lifestyle values- What you do for a career and where your work produces a particular type of lifestyle you aspire. The kind of lifestyle you desire can help complete the picture of what.

 Benefits of choosing the right career path

  1. You’ve achieved. You have proved yourself with your skills and abilities, so now you are not focused on what people will think. You have connected to yourself and exactly know what to do next, and also there is no dependency on others.
  2. You’re doing what you’re most passionate. Working on the job which excites you every day and never makes your life tedious. 
  3. You’re an expert at what you do. The work you do is through the skills and abilities you possess. You are doing what you know better, without efforts.
  4. You don’t settle for mediocrity. You work on what you do best, and you aren’t watering the things you’re just mediocre. 
  5. Your schedule works as per you. Work creatively. If you thrive at 3:00 in the morning, you’re working then. 
  6. You are progressing. Everything is going as per plan and place at the right path. You are satisfied and happy as everything is aligning with each other. Doing the work you love, finding opportunities in it, getting success and each day inspiring to achieve more and more. 
  7. You’re committed to service. Your focus is on the impact of your work. You thrive on contribution and aligned with a business that creates solutions for humanity and positive change in the world.

Consequences of choosing the wrong career path

  1. Work dissatisfaction: One can never be satisfied if one is not happy with the job responsibilities that are attached.
  2. Anxiety and stress: Anxiousness and a stressed mind are often brought home and thrown upon others which cause mental illness.
  3. Poor performance: Wrong career option never motivates to work harder and better. It reflects in the performance by being low productive.
  4. Low Self-Esteem: Comparing your life with others in terms of happiness and career growth, which has an impact on your confidence and self-worth.

Opting a right career path can be a tough decision. A person must know what their strengths and weaknesses are before making that choice. The right career path will make effortlessly achieve your goals and increase your productivity.

One should never rush for making career options. Be very careful while choosing your life path. There is no age for work or being successful, so it is never too late to change your career path.

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