BBA – A gateway to huge range of opportunities

BBA- A gateway to huge range of opportunities

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a Bachelor’s Degree course that focuses on management and administration studies. It is an undergraduate-level course. It covers all the basic aspects of management education. That’s why it is labelled as a general management course.

This management course covers a wide range of subjects which helps in enhancing the skill and knowledge of students and also be an entrepreneur of the business like HR management, organizational behavior, business communication, management skills, office/organization administration, finance management, business laws, business ethics, accounting, planning, international business, retail management, supply chain management, marketing, and operations management. BBA graduates may work as management professionals in many sectors. If you look towards the working structure of any industry or organization, you will be able to notice that management professionals are the ones who look over the functioning of the whole industry or organization. Management professionals possess skills and qualities like leadership, vision, planning skills, HR skills, communication skills, finance, and accounting skills, etc. Such skills are necessary for running a company, organization or industry.

For any organization or industry to function properly, management professionals are required. That’s why they are hired and given administrative duties. They look towards day-to-day responsibilities, maintain documentation and make sure that staff is being managed well, operations are carried out efficiently, finance and money matters are being taken care of, etc. In Short, Management is the first and foremost step for an organization to function smoothly, without proper management no organization can run.

 Advantages of BBA

Easier career access to MBA.

As BBA is the starting phase where you get to learn and acquire a lot about the business and corporate world and right after completing your BBA, you will be having a great opportunity to pursue your MBA. It will enhance your knowledge and skills and will help to strengthen your career. There will be a great opportunity for you to work in a Multinational Company if you have completed your MBA from the top B-school, and for that, you have to give CAT (Common Aptitude Test) and score good marks.

Wide range of Job Opportunities.

Being a professional course, you can get a job more easily as compared to other graduation courses. The BBA Course makes you capable of managing huge organizations and makes you eligible for mass managerial job opportunities. If you are a fresh BBA graduate, then you will be fit as an officer, operation manager, loss prevention manager, cost estimator, supply chain and sales manager, and so on.

Develops a management-focused strategy from the very beginning.

A BBA program would help you in acquiring professional skills and knowledge at an early stage. Just after the completion of your 12th, it will bring you closer to the world of management with subjects like business studies, accounting, economics, human resource, finance, marketing and will help you grasp the knowledge of making business decisions and perform business operations like a true leader. If you want to become an entrepreneur, it will help you to think more precisely over different aspects of running a business smoothly. To gain tactical skills and strategic thinking is something that goes a long way in one’s career to excel in their growth in the corporate world.

High Market Requirements.

As the Indian market is expanding at a highly accelerated rate, the existing companies are expanding in size, and many new start-ups have also arrived on the scene. All these companies require candidates with sound business, marketing, and operations knowledge. Candidates with BBA degrees can easily form a part of the core business in the Human-Resource/Operations /Strategy/Finance team or can act the point of contact between the workforce and senior-level management. 

Exposure and Experience Benefits.

Due to the nature of the BBA degree, most candidates end up working directly with the marketing, sales, operation or strategic team. This leads to high exposure to market trends, strategic decision making, and so on. Candidates can develop market-relevant skills and focus on the latest trends.

Low Expenditure and High Returns.

 MBA programs are extremely expensive whereas BBA courses can be completed at a low cost. There are several top colleges offering quality courses at an affordable expenditure. If you get through with merit or scholarship then the return on investment is incomparable.


CTC is an important aspect of any job and BBA graduates from top universities can fetch a job with starting CTC of 4 Lac onwards. After the experience of 4-5 years, they can draw CTC approximate 8-10 Lac based on their performance and aptitude. The CTC varies from one job profile to another job profile depending on the organizational structure.

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