2022 in review: Top Industry Trends in the past year

2022 in ReviewWe are at the cusp of a significant transformational change in our industries. With the integration of digitalisation and sustainability into our value systems, there have been various new developments in tech and management. As we enter the new year, here’s a look at some of the top industry trends this past year.

Industrial Cloud

Nearly 40% of respondents to a recent Gartner study of businesses with headquarters in North America and Europe had begun using industry cloud platforms, with another 15% using test programmes. Additionally, another 15% of people are thinking about deployment by 2026.

Industry cloud platforms are a remarkable new trend since they benefit businesses by providing flexible and pertinent industry solutions. They sharply target business consumers outside the initial adopters of cloud infrastructure and platform technologies, which considerably speeds up cloud adoption.

Using industrial cloud platforms, businesses will be able to quickly adjust their industry-specific processes and apps.

Industry cloud platforms give enterprises the agility they need to respond to accelerated change by utilising cutting-edge enabling technologies and methodologies, such as integrated information networks, a global market with packaged core competencies, and composability technology.


These days, chatbots are a crucial component of commercial interactions.

Face-to-face interactions and telephone conversations dominated communication methods before the internet was invented. Emails, social media, smartphone apps, and online forms of communication are now considered modern methods of communication.

Chatbots are used by many sectors to assist website users with navigation or to respond to their questions. Customers now have higher expectations from brands because of the intense competition in the industry.


By using chatbots for customer support, the banking, retail, and healthcare industries will save over $11 billion each year. With a 34.64% CAGR between 2017 and 2023, the worldwide chatbot industry is anticipated to increase by double digits.2

Chatbots are the best means to deal with the increasing workload, provide quick and round-the-clock service, reduce costs and provide a personalised service.

Hybrid Work Environment

Post-pandemic, businesses have swiftly embraced virtual work technology, and employees are beginning to understand the benefits of having greater flexibility in their working hours and locations. Leaders are seizing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to use a hybrid model to reimagine work as they become more aware of what is possible.

Employees that engage in hybrid work may have more freedom, flexibility, and autonomy. Employees are able to devote more time to their personal lives or families while still earning a living because of this potentially harmonious work-life balance. Employees who have the choice to choose their preferred workstyle tend to be more motivated, engaged, and productive.

Green value chains

The 2022 State of Supply Chain Sustainability report, released in July 2022, investigates how supply chain sustainability (SCS) methods are being used internationally and what that implies for experts, businesses, industries, and the environment.3 According to this year’s study, demand to support SCS has progressively risen since the previous one. Both consumers and businesses require, and in fact demand, that the items they order and receive live up to their social and environmental expectations.

Firms tend to lean towards the adoption of more sophisticated digital enablers, such as cognitive planning and AI-driven predictive analytics, as they look to improve crucial supply chain planning capabilities to reduce carbon footprints.

The use of automated delivery systems can help reduce pollution and labour costs. According to reports, Swiggy, a leader in food tech, is considering using drone deliveries to solve logistical issues with moving goods from warehouses to mid-city fulfilment centres. In addition to Swiggy, the Telangana government teamed with rapid commerce startup Dunzo last year to test the delivery of vaccines to remote districts of the state. Additionally, in five cities—Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi-NCR—Zypp Electric has started using drones to transport items.

What new trends do you think will emerge this year?




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