What does it take to be a Young India Fellow?


Think about the Ivy League in India and the Young India Fellowship (Ashoka University) will rise to the top of your mind. Creating the leaders of tomorrow and turning pathbreakers into pathmakers, while the admission process for the class of 2015-16 has already begun, HireTale brings an exclusive chat with one such engineer Ajay Singh Rathore, a […]

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Aeronautical Engineering: Career with paisa and promise


Civil aviation industry is highly desirable (not talking about air-hostesses here) and one of the fastest growing industries in India. Many top companies in India are investing their money on building their own or purchasing aircraft to start their own airlines and services, with the recent-most example being the TATAs. HireTale in this guest article […]

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10 hot jobs that barely existed 5 years ago


    HireTaleHireTale.com is a technology start-up disrupting the whole recruitment eco-system. We differentiate ourselves in using technology-enabled innovative ideas in connecting recruiters & job aspirants. Register at https://www.hiretale.com/users/add_seeker to apply for top-notch jobs in India. Feel free to write to us at hello@hiretale.com for any suggestions/feedback.More Posts – Website Follow Me:

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